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Chapter 56 – The invitation from the Unifying Guild

The battle was over before it had started—

Brendel ordered the Lopes Mercenaries to bring the two soldiers who were knocked unconscious to the room’s corner.

[That swordsman is probably going to reach here soon. The difference him and my stats is nearly twenty times, and he’s even worse than Ebdon or the Crusader Executioner. Even the slightest mistake in fighting him is fatal.]

Brendel held his left shoulder where the sword struck him. It was burning and the pain came in pulses. If Tirste came with full strength at him, it was literally impossible for him to even see his movements. Brendel wiped away the perspiration on his forehead and rubbed his forehead.

[We just met for the first time and the reaction he did was to attack me. The only organization that I offended was the Unifying Guild, so is he one of the assassins for them? But it doesn’t really fit their actions. Their typical actions are subtle and intentionally so. Even if they want to take revenge, they wouldn’t pick this place as a venue. Collaboration with Madara? That’s even more ridiculous. The Unifying Guild believes in Chaos and follows the Twilight Dragon, how can they work together with Madara believes in the Laws of Darkness?]

He shook his held to clear his messy thoughts. He pointed at different directions and instructed: “The six of you, move separately.”

The most important thing right now was to save his own life.

[Ah. But maybe what I told them to do was unnecessary. Should I call them back? … No, it’s better to be prepared, especially since it doesn’t make a difference if they are here or not.]

Brendel would have normally been delighted to order these Iron-ranked mercenaries to and fro, but right now in this cold and harsh reality, there was a Gold-Ranked swordsman who was trying to pick a bone with him, and it made him unsettled.

For a person to unlock the Third-tier strength, his Overall Power Rating had to be over one hundred OZ.

[That swordsman is using a thin blade, so he is probably training in the Elven swordsmanship which focuses on agility. If that’s the case he might have over 120 OZ in agility and his reactions must be faster than a normal person by twenty over times. That kind of speed burst is two times faster than a racing car. To handle that, his physique is also strong enough to handle the pressure from the air resistance. 60 OZ in physique. That defense is the rough equivalent of a tank. If I use the wind bullet against it… A dent?]

A swordsman who had unlocked the Third-tier, could be described as a monster in human form. Brendel thought of what was going to happen if he received a blow from him.

[Booooom, fly into the walls, passing through several of them before finally stopping? That person could run around the entire place under one minute and search for me. Even if I send the twelve men out to delay him, that’s only a few seconds worth. A few se

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