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The Amber Sword – Volume 2 Chapter64


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Chapter 64 – The mercenaries

There was another man who flew out from the battlefield. Eke then struck down three mercenaries in the blink of an eye, and caused the crowd to have an opening. He moved towards the opening before anyone was able to react, but Brendel was slightly intrigued by his choice.

Capo was directly in the youth’s path.

The elderly mercenary brought his sword horizontally with his body inclined forwardly, and charged forward like a fearsome beast with tightly pursed lips.

[Randonian fencing. This swordsmanship was created by Swordmaster Imaria and was widely used in the continent in its early days. But there are not many practitioners in this era due to its technical difficulty. The number of users in this world who are truly able to use this style are exceedingly low.]

Brendel’s eyes narrowed a little. Almost all the people who knew this swordsmanship are highly skilled.

[Just raising this swordsmanship alone requires 133 TP from level 1 to level 2, and virtually exceeds the requirements of any typical sword styles by sixty percent. The accuracy rating is 2 times better than a military swordsmanship, while the damage increase is 1.3 times more, but there are not many players who actually spent time on it. That’s because the market price for the skill over one million Tor coins. As for book copies, there are only a few kingdoms who possessed them in their museums.]

Eke apparently realized his mistake as well, but trying to retreat backwards had became impossible, and he could only charge forward recklessly. Even though he did not use a sword from the beginning, it was clear from his fighting techniques that he was trained in the ways of the sword. Brendel recognized it as one of the knight’s varied swordsmanship.

[These two mercenaries look like they are close with each other, but the techniques they used are completely different. That’s quite interesting.]

But it was not exactly a rare thing to see in a group of mercenaries, so Brendel was just slightly interested in seeing how things turned out.

Eke directly charged into Capo while using his body to avoid the sword’s path, but Capo did not disappoint Brendel. He cleanly swung his sword twice and sealed off the youth’s options, and forced him to leap sideways.

If Capo took one more step, he would certainly force the youth into a dire state.

Brendel’s current stats were unlikely to match either of them, but he was certain of this fact more than anyone in the battlefield. As expected, Capo had seized the best position to attack where Eke was going

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