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Chapter 72 – Brendel’s strategy

Brendel turned back and indeed saw the white-haired man wearing a frosty expression.

What came next into his sight were ten odd Juddelan heavy infantry men. The Juddelan was one of Aouine’s most commonly hired mercenaries. These men lived in regions near the sea, and all their eleven ports were frequently hassled by pirates. With these constant battles, the citizens of Juddelan naturally became mercenaries.

A typical Juddelan mercenary wore a well crafted and heavy scale armor, a long flame-forged steel spear, and on top of the spear held a shield half the size of a man. Finally their waist was adorned with higher grade swords and axes that were handed down from their ancestors.

Brendel knew them well from the game.

“What is going on?” He jerked his horse to stop it from moving as he asked.

“These are clearly heavy infantry……. Messere,” Amandina’s obsidian eyes beheld a clear alertness as she turned around to answer Brendel: “They clearly do not trust me if they place this group of heavy infantry behind us.”

Brendel took another glance behind her and realized something suddenly. He merely smiled: “Not trusting is a normal reaction.”


Redi snorted in displeasure at Amandina’s continued disapproval.

Brendel eyed at him once and asked: “Then what is the reason for putting these Juddelan men behind us?”

“It does not concern you.” Redi snapped.

“Ser, these men usually move slower in the forest,” It was the shorter youth who came along with Redi in the morning who walked over. He jerked Redi’s sleeve, while he continued to answer: “Commander Makarov also placed them here to handle ambushes, and it’s not because of the distrust towards everyone here.”

“Wonderful, killing two birds with one stone.” Brendel expressed an understanding face, but he did not forget to ridicule Redi: “But your partner is just awful at communication compared to you.”

Redi’s face flashed in anger and flung his arm to get rid of his partner’s pull, leaving the other youth behind. Brendel took a longer look at the youth in front of him: “What’s your name?”

“I’m Sanford.”

“Sanford, that name doesn’t sound like the locals.”

“I’m originally an apprentice baker in Bruglas…… which was before I became a mercenary. Ser, your accent seems like one from there too.”

“I’m not, but the girls are.” Brendel pointed his chin at them.

Sanford gave a shy smile and looked at the girl riding behind Brendel. But she turned her face away to the side and did not look at him. Even though she was a poor noble, she had the temperament of a typical Aouine noble who refused to be friendly to typical commoners. Romaine did not have the same concern, so she winked at him as she was from Bucce and considered as a neighbor.

“It sounds like this reasoning is fine, but to bring heavy infantry in the forest is a sign of ill consideration.” Amandina looked at the Juddelan men as she spoke.


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