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Chapter 37 – Brendel’s preparation (2)

Brendel lined up eleven daggers that were intricately crafted side by side. He then used a silver hammer to break the crystals that were harvested from the Rotten Beast and threw the fragments into the golden liquid inside the alchemy pot. He turned his head back and asked:

“Tamar, why don’t you give it a try?”

“Me?” The middle-aged man was momentarily surprised, but he immediately showed enthusiasm on his face. The future grandmaster alchemist might be reticent during normal times, but when the topic is about alchemy, he could not help but talk about it excitedly. Now that he had the chance to try it for himself, he would definitely take it.

He might have been an alchemist who worked at the parliament, but he was typically tasked to do only minor things like refinement for the materials, as the nobles themselves had their personal alchemist and typically would not give away any of their secrets.

This was the first time that Tamar had the chance to create a magical artifact all by himself, and he gulped when he saw the Elven daggers. Brendel chuckled and gave a nod.

[Tamar’s alchemy skills are going up very quickly. When I first saw him, his alchemy skills were approximately Rank 3, and now he’s Rank 5. At this pace, he’s going to surpass me and become a true master alchemist. This is really innate talent.]

The reason why Tamar advanced so quickly was because Brendel had passed the refinement of high grade materials to Tamar, and allowed him to improve quickly.

However, Tamar seemed to look like he did not realize his talents, and when Brendel tried to recruit him for thirty thousand gold per year, he actually requested to reduce the amount of gold to a mere sixth of Brendel’s proposal.

[A grand alchemist for an annuity of 5000 gold, even close relatives wouldn’t give such a rate. Well, most of these alchemist tend not to break their contract, and in the future I should have the capabilities to keep him even if he requests for more money. Due to his abilities, I must keep him.]

“Alright, I’ll give it a try.” Tamar said with confidence.

The room turned quiet, and Brendel moved to the bookshelves and randomly picked a history book about noble lineage. He had been reading such books for the past few days, and his knowledge about the nobles and sigils have gone up, increasing his Scholar Rank to Rank 11.

With the additional TP, he raised his Militiary Swordsmanship to Rank 7 (6+1), Emergency First Aid to Rank 4, White Raven Sword Arte to Rank 2, and took on the proficiency skills for the profession Mercenary, as well as Stealth and Barkskin.

The Weapon Proficiency skill was a core ability of the professions ‘Warrior’ and ‘Mercenary’. There was only one rank for this skill, but it allowed Brendel to use all related weapons for his profession.

[It’s fortunate that I got to have a profession like Mercenary. If I was to actually spend TP on proficiency in weap

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