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Chapter 96 – Fallen (1)

The battle was over. Conrad and the Disciples of the Black Flames’s bishop stood together to survey the battlefield strewn with corpses, as wafts of white smoke rose thickly. There was death everywhere.

Demons, disciples, mercenaries’ bodies were gradually becoming colder as their blood poured into the ground. They were still living a while ago, but their skin were becoming taut and their muscles rigid.

Conrad walked over a few steps, turned over a female mercenary’s body and a groan could be heard from the latter. He frowned and ran his sword through her heart and ended her life.

He then raised his heart and said impatiently: “No, Duke Rhun’s only son isn’t here. That fucking bastard Makarov!”

“Since you knew him so well, why did you fight this battle?” The dark bishop said with a low voice: “We lost quite a few men, and it was that giant who was beside Makarov.”

“How do you reap the benefits if you don’t invest?” He laughed as he licked his lips. He pulled out the sword stained with blood and pointed to his nearby men: “Bring the rest of the prisoners to me!”

Several shivering men from the Grey Wolves Mercenaries were quickly brought before him. They fought like the bravest warriors during battle, but once they were out of it they realized they had no chance to fight back. Their comrades-in-arms were skinned alive or eaten by the demons and they realized they had no chance to change their fates.

Once they understood this, fear of their unknown fate gripped their hearts.

Amongst them was the familiar white-haired youth that Brendel knew well. He looked condescendingly at the other frightened men who were pale. He had stayed behind to cover Yula and a few other Grey Wolves Mercenaries to allow them to escape, so it was a given that he got caught.

He glared defiantly at Conrad. He had once thought he was the commander of the ‘Paper Cards’ mercenaries.

[Bloody fucking hell…… That bastard Brendel was actually right. Not only was this shit bastard colluding with the Disciples of the Black flames, he was the dog of the Tree Shepherds.]

Conrad did not look much older than Brendel, and Redi was furious over how Brendel had humiliated him. Now that Conrad did the same thing by catching him, he saw Brendel and Conrad as the same arrogant fucks who deserved to get their faces crushed by hammers.

He used the most condescending gaze he had to look at his enemies, trying to incite their anger.

[If this piece of garbage intimidates me, I’ll be able to shame him and let these unworthy bastards know the bravery of the Grey Wolves Mercenaries.]

He planned to do so, but Conrad merely paused and smiled at Conrad. He shifted his gaze and looked at another mercenary.

“Are you looking down at me?” Redi was angry and said muffled words because his mouth was gagged, trying to struggle and rush at Conrad, but the latter’s men restrained him tightly. He could only watch helplessly as

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