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Chapter 104 – Lure (3)

At the same time Aakkin planned his maleficence, Conrad and the Dark Bishop were observing the new Lizardman who came in. But what made them feel wrong with this scene before them was how the Lizardmen’s faces all looked the same. At least from their point of view, the ‘lizard’ who came in earlier did not look any different from this ‘lizard’.

Perhaps their patterns on the skin were different?

Hewjil recognized his subordinate and asked in his own native tongue: “Aakkin, you came back earlier than I expected. Why, did you find your targets?”

“Yes, chief.” Aakkin answered with a stuttering chatter.

His attitude did not draw Hewjil’s suspicion as he wanted deference from his subordinates, but he was a little annoyed at Aakkin’s behavior. He waved his hand and replied: “When did you become inarticulate, Aakkin? If you have anything you want to report, just spit it out. What else did you see?”

“My men and I were attacked in the southern area.” Aakkin gulped as he continued to chatter. “The people who attacked us seemed to be the men we are supposed to look for. There are fifteen of them, two female, and a youth who is leading twelve guards. They are really formidable, and before we could react…… four of our brothers…..”

“The south?” Hewjil answered blankly, as if he did not hear the loss of men: “Are you sure it’s the south?”

Aakkin was also in a daze as he thought his chief would go into a rage. But he quickly recovered and nodded.

“What did he say?” Conrad had no more patience when he heard them talk in their native language. When Hewjil raised his voice, he knew something was up and immediately grabbed his shoulder and asked.

Hewjil smacked away his hand and yelled out: “This time, in the south region. Conrad, your foes, they playing hide and seek with us?”

“They are appearing in the east, south and southwest.” The Dark Bishop was thoughtful: “This goes against common sense, there has to be a scheme somewhere.”

“Damned your scheme,” Hewjil growled loudly: “The situation, simple. Enemies discovered where we are, that shitfaced youth you sent to bite them, is definitely killed already. They are escaping to the south! In three separate routes! They are dividing focus, I have seen enough of these ploys!”

“Impossible!” The Dark Bishop nearly jumped out from his chair: “That fool went with my acolyte,” He grabbed a crystal out from his robes with his bony fingers: “This crystal has not cracked, which means my acolyte is still fine!”

“Then your, foolish acolyte lost her way.” Hewjil spat his words out coldly with sarcasm dripping in his voice.

“An acolyte of the Gods losing her way? Have your brains rotted, you witless lizard!” Conrad interrupted Hewjil and blocked the Dark Bishop from attacking the latter with his arm. He roared at the Dark Bishop: “Why are you losing your temper! That lizard is right in saying that the enemies have discovered our intentions. They won’t

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