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Chapter 55 – The road to surpass limits (2)

Reaching the highest peak of all professions, that was indeed a road that surpassed limits.

“But how can I become a Planeswalker?” Brendel asked the important question.

Tulman stopped. His script inside him vanished quickly. The last person he met was a Paladin called Gerald. He had tried hard to persuade the excellent youth to forgo his faith, and join the ranks of a Planeswalker but failed. Now that he was prepared for this time and about to persuade the youth in front of him, Brendel seemed to have agreed to become one.

Tulman obviously did not understand the mindset of a gamer.

Naturally, Tulman was very happy to have found a successor. The Tulman here was nothing more than a transmission of information, and since he managed to succeed in this mission, it meant that his millennium long mission was finally over.

So he immediately replied: “To become a Planeswalker, you must first have your own land within ‘uhs. As I had explained before, the infinite worlds described within the Matteya word, means that you need to build your first foothold and set the Land card and tap it.”

Tulman’s voice became serious: “This is the first land of your kingdom. On it, you need to build a strong fortress and summon your faithful knight from your card combination, and from that point forth, you will become a Planeswalker.”

Brendel listened till he was giddy with excitement: “Can I try it?”

Tulman nodded: “Of course. I believe you have a Land card, and that is enough to qualify you for the most basic summons. The crux of the question is how you’re going to build your first card combination.”

“So how should I make the card combination?” Brendel asked, calming himself down to become a good student.

[Planeswalker… A unique existence in this world? Or something that is undiscovered by the Amber Sword. I easily found the card within the tomb, so why did the other players in the game not find it? Or is it because these cards can only be discovered by NPCs?]

Since Brendel had no means to find out the truth, he quietly listened to Tulman.

“To make your own card combination, you must first understand the Cards of Fate. Beyond the Card Type, there are several classifications to the cards.

Characters, Heroes, Beasts, Monsters and even Dragons. When you display the card and summon them, they have different properties and strength, and some even possesses unique abilities.”

“I know of this,” Brendel said: “They are like the Wind Spider Spirits, and the Highland Squire, Ciel?”


“The second classification?”

“They are spells and abilities. These spells are decided by the Color Type.

– Red, offense

– Blue, versatility

– Gray, defense

– Black, Mystique

There are many other colors that decide the characteristics as well as timing. The White and Green cards can be used at any given time and conditions, but the others require their own condit

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