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The Amber Sword – Volume 2 Chapter63


TL: So I have about 9 more weeks till I graduate. After I clear my final few assignments, the final project is going to kick in, and I’ll be thinking on TAS main characters’ designs.

I’m probably going to translate 1 more chapter in mid October, and after that I’ll be concentrating fully on the project itself, which I’m going to post WIPs of the characters/illustrations every 2 weeks instead.

When I finally graduate, I’ll work on the backlog of TAS + other series’ chapters, most likely 1 ch per day.

TL: I completed some of my illustrations, and the WIP on the right is supposed to be a card illustration (have not decided what kind of clothes I want to put on the characters). Right now I’m thinking about improving my color usage because I feel they are not vibrant enough.

There are two scenes in TAS I think that would be kind of epic (Brendel vs Golden Demonic Tree and Brendel vs Ebdon), but I’m not sure whether I have enough time to draw them, but I’m pretty sure I will at least do the half-body illustrations of Freya/Romaine/Brendel.

TL: Please inform me if there are any Engrish mistakes.

Chapter 63 – Eke

“I’ve got to the bottom of things, these adventurers were already here even before one week ago. No, to be more precise, they are actually mercenaries.” Amandina spoke without rushing her answer.

Brendel looked at her with surprise.

The young woman found a sliver of satisfaction as she noted his surprise.

“My lord, is it unexpected that an aristocrat’s daughter who doesn’t venture out of her home would be able to handle a situation like this?”

“I’m just curious where you learned all these negotiation skills. As you well know, it is necessary for a Highland Knight to learn how to negotiate like you did, but it is impressive that a noble lady like yourself can conduct yourself so confidently.”

Brendel patted Romaine’s shoulders to prevent her from losing herself in the scenery, but she unexpectedly turned her head back to assure him.

“Don’t worry Brendel, I won’t lose my way.”

Brendel was speechless for a while. He could only look at her with a distressed gaze as he wondered.

[Just what exactly is stored in your head…]

It was fortunate that Amandina solved his crisis.

“Negotiating has always been our forte, my lord.” Amandina spoke humbly, but it was not difficult to discern that she was secretly delighted.

Brendel raised his eyebrow and laughed in spite of himself: “Not every noble lady is willing to put down their social status and talk to country bumpkins.”

It was indeed true. In Aouine, the mountain folks were considered as uncivilized boors. Even if their status were raised to lords, they might not get along with the imperial lords in the north.

[It was said that two important ministers during King Ansen’s rule frequently squabbled in the court, giving many headaches to the king…] Brende

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