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The Amber Sword -Volume 2 chapter45

I have a skylake CPU i5 6600k, which I got during February, coupled with a DDR3 board because I want to save some cash since I still have 12 GB DDR3 ram left from my old pc. I’m getting a rig that I want to OC so that I can use it for multimedia purposes that include video editing.

Now here’s the interesting thing. Skylake recommended voltage for the ram is 1.2v-1.35v (ddr4 runs at 1.2v~), while DDR3 ram typically runs from 1.5-1.65v, and the official word is that intel doesn’t support that much voltage and heck, it might even hurt the CPU health.

After reading a lot on it, some overclocker users are saying that all is not lost, because VCCIO and VCCSA (no, I don’t know what these terms mean.) are the main things to look at when it comes to an intel CPU memory controller. In any case, I’m below the recommended voltage for these two sections (= 2800 mhz, then you can reconsider again).

I also plan to wait out for the GTX 1070. Right now the so called nvidia’s “Founders’s edition = reference card actually” is sold at a higher premium. It’s really annoying to see nvidia coming up with ridiculous rehashes and ‘cool terms’ like they mean something. This Founder’s edition practice right now is not a new thing, however. I.E, EVGA’s SC 980 ti card is the nvidia’s reference card slapped with their EVGA cooler, while their own designed card is cheaper with better performance and has lower temp.

That is why nvidia said they are selling their 1070 gtx FE cards at $449, while the MSRP for their partners is at $379 (once they get their own designs done, supposedly). Right now, the partners are slapping a cooler on these reference cards and selling them. I’m using a 1080p 27 inch VA monitor, somewhat okay for drawing images as colors are a little brighter and desaturated, but I’m going to look at dell’s 27 inch monitors at 1440p if they release 1070 GTX at $379.

Some notes about VR gaming. VR demands 7 times more drawing power compared to 1080p gaming, and even a GTX 1080 will have problems running that. I’m going to be patient and wait 2 more generation cycles before getting a VR rig =X.

At 1440p gaming for a 144hz monitor, you are probably going to just hit 100 fps at ultra settings even if you have 1080 GTX. Things like G-Sync and Freesync comes at a premium that’s too expensive for me, and I would rather get a work-based system rather than a gaming system.

Chapter 45 – The Boulder Mercenary’s pendant

The name of the parchment was called Lancel’s scroll. The crowd of people in the room started to show their surprise with low murmurs, and it spread out like a ripple. Brendel realized that many of them were interested in the scroll as well.

However, even though they whispered amongst themselves, they did not attempt to bid for it. The ones who were willing to vie for it were nobles with considerable background, sitting in the special box, and all of them waited for someone to make the

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