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Chapter 40

The girl’s reply stopped everyone, and they looked back at her. Amandina looked at the young man and spoke softly.

“Ser, please be at ease. I will fulfill the agreement in the letter with my personal thanks as well.”

Brendel was a little surprised at her determined and even confident expression.

[No matter how I look at her situation, she can’t pay any significant amount of gold, but is it because of her pride that she wants to fulfill the agreement? This situation is going further away from gaming common sense…]

“How do you intend to do that, lass?” Batum looked at her from top to bottom, with the usual unrefined tone with deliberate quips from his mercenary ways: “Even though you’re considered a fine looking girl, but my lord already has a fiance.”

Anger found its way into Amandina’s eyes and cheeks when she heard that. She looked at Brendel with flushed cheeks due to anger, and Brendel saw disappointment in her eyes. She opened the drawer next to the table and retrieved a big scroll. She stopped for a while before she finally passed the papers to Brendel: “I believe the value in these papers are no less than what you expect, Ser Brendel.”

“What is this?” He asked as he took the scroll.

“My research.” She looked a little uneasy when she said these words, but she appeared confident again.

The cripple snorted derisively, and Batum poked him from behind and whispered: “How much gold do you think the girl owes my lord?”

Roen turned back and looked blankly at Batum. Even though the hood covered his face, he could clearly see the red knotted beard.

“You don’t know?”

“Of course I don’t? How should I know about these things?”

“I thought you knew. Let’s see, even a poor noble like Berg should have an annuity of two thousand coins. Calculating it… Well, it’s around a hundred thousand Tor coins. It’s not a huge sum of money, but it’s no paltry sum either.”

“That is indeed a considerable sum.” Batum nodded. “Do you mean to say that the papers in my lord’s hands are worth a hundred thousand coins?”

“I did not say anything like that. If it’s something that comes from a famous painter, well, fetching a few million coins isn’t surprising. But that little girl had already said it’s her research. I’ll be honest with you, I don’t think it’s worth anything that much, otherwise this little girl wouldn’t need to stay in this place already.”

“You’re really a nasty piece of work.”

“That’s a logical conclusion, Ser Batum.”

Amandina clenched her fists when she overheard their conversation.

Brendel did not stop their talk as he was engrossed in checking out the scroll with one hand. He was a little puzzled over it as it felt quite heavy in his hand.

[Paintings? Old Magic? Or some lore copied from old books? The quality of the scroll is quite bad, but there’s some considerable weight to it.]

“Can I take a look at the contents of these papers?” Brendel asked.

“They are alre

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