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Chapter 79 – The story of fishes swimming in chaos (1)

Brendel observed Yula who sat down on the ground filled with pine needles. He quickly realized that the girl’s hair was a lovely pure black that was unlike Amandina’s, which was tinged with a purple sheen.

Surprise streaked across his eyes.

[Amandina’s bloodline probably came from the Miirna’s bloodline, which causes her to have that black-purplish color in her hair and eyes. Over countless eras, that bloodline had eroded and they no longer had special traits related to that race. The only thing left was their appearances. But this Yula girl is probably not from that bloodline.]

“I am unable to say why that is so as well, Ser knight. You could think it as a premonition instead. The ‘Paper Cards’ mercenaries should have nothing to do with the disciples, but they appeared together tonight. Perhaps it is a coincidence, but I would believe in the possibility that this a planned scheme.

If I may, Ser Brendel, I believe that the common man would have seeked for their allies’ help. Even though we do not deserve your full trust, but it would surely be better to have our aid. But you and your men chose to to leave here without any hesitation to preserve only for yourselves—“

Yula closed her eyes and listened to the battle that the Grey Wolves Mercenaries were having with the Disciples of the Black Flames. Her tone did not change as she stated her opinion: “But if I was to change my way of seeing things, this would mean that Ser Brendel has already analyzed the current state of events— That you have known that the ‘Paper Cards’ was following us from the very beginning.

The oddity in your plan was the choice to escape to the east. I would think that a decisive decision like this would mean that you are not a rash person. If the enemies lies ahead of you and yet still you choose to charge forward, then that would be bravery. However, I believe that Ser Brendel thinks otherwise and has a different opinion as to what exactly lies ahead. Perhaps, it’s not guarded by the enemies?”

Brendel did not change his expressions, although Redi had been showing rich expressions of mockery whenever Yula called Brendel a knight.

“As for the reason why Brendel is a knight.” She gave a small humble smile: “That is simply because I heard the lady over there calling you ‘my lord’. Although I was not given sight, Mother Marsha has given me sharp hearing, which really isn’t something that I should brag.”

Amandina reacted by gasping and watching Yula in vigilance.

The blind girl raised her head up to Brendel, her eyes opening slightly. Even though she could not see him, she pleaded with him earnestly. “Ser Brendel, I humbly beg you to help the Grey Wolves Mercenaries.”

Brendel took in a deep breath.

[If Amandina is someone who can aid me as an advisor, then this girl in front of me is a kingmaker. Her senses are sharp enough to send me jitters.]

He studied Yula’s black e

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