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Chapter 103 – Lure (2)

Aakkin was the commander of a dragoon squadron. His orders were mostly straightforward amongst his usual missions, to either assault or pillage. However, he would sometimes take on the scouting role which was one of his most hated missions. It was too dangerous, especially in the forest where technical expertise was more important than speed and agility. He also disliked the fact that he could not use his best qualities in this role.

He raised his head and took in the golden rays of the rising sun. He trembled as the sun’s warmth drove away the vestiges of the cold night and permeated into his blood. He shook his head in annoyance before sniffing the air, trying to discover any signs of the humans he was tasked to search for.

In his eyes, the silence in this valley was quite odd.

He did not like the eerie peace because it was the calm before the storm, like how a poisonous snake was lurking around the corner that would suddenly appear and bite. The northern Chablis region was like an ocean of trees, and he felt that it was impossible to find the humans in this huge forest.

Still, he cautiously gripped his spear and raised his right hand, pointing all his three fingers into the forest ahead of him. He chattered a series of noises, ordering his men to spread out and search.

He did not realize he made a mistake.

He only reacted when his men suddenly disappeared without a trace; his first thought was to retreat and find an excuse to explain to his commander Hewjil as to why he sent four dragoons to their deaths.

He did not find an easy answer. Even though Hewjil was a irregular amongst the Lizardmen who was churlish, he was considered to be sharp and Aakkin did not think him easy to fool.

But there he soon discovered there was no need to worry over it.

That was because he saw a human and Elf waiting when he turned around. He did not know when they appeared behind him, but he only knew that it was a Silver Elf staring coldly at him. The Lizardmen had recently caused trouble near the temple so Aakkin had an idea of what race he was from.

The Silver Elf had an Element power gathering on his armor.

The only thing that Aakkin could do was to surrender. A small mistake of spreading his men out, allowed each individual to be caught without any commotion, and was enough to seal his fate. What was fortunate the two men who caught him seemed like they did not want his life for the time being.

At the same time, he understood as a scout that his current fate would not last for long. He would be allowed to live for a while before they obtained the information they needed, be treated like a burden and disposed of in the end.

But death was not the most terrifying outcome. If the human and Silver Elf were scouts like himself, then they would know of many ways to make him experience a fate worse than death. Aakkin was a veteran as a scout, and even more experienced as a bandit, so he was

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