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The Amber Sword – Volume 2 Chapter54


TL: Many, many mechanics + lore in this chapter. You should probably read it carefully, can’t guarantee perfect Engrish.

New name change, Dimension Wizard > Planeswalker.

This is the exact raw words, 旅法师. It literally means Traveling Mage, but after I researched a bit more about Magic The Gathering, it has something called Planeswalkers (most powerful being in the multiverse of MTG).

Also the level of snark I should put in this chapter…

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Chapter 54 – The road to surpass limits (1)


Brendel nearly groaned out. He felt his forehead, wondering if he was dreaming. The person before him who called himself Tulman, along with the strange surroundings and information, made his mind a complete mess.

[I have never heard of a profession called Planeswalker in the game. That VRMMORPG is spectacularly complicated and huge, and I can’t possibly know every single aspect of it.]

But Brendel felt that things were too forced, and instinct told him that his guess was incorrect. Brendel had a poker face, but his mind was spinning quickly.

[What place is this? How did I get here? Planeswalkers…… Does this mean that the game world different from this reality?]

Tulman’s hands were placed in his robes, and he was floating in the darkness. He saw that Brendel was showing signs of doubts. He smiled and spoke:

“Looks like you’re still doubtful of this place. This is just a projection magic, and it allows me to transmit the information that I have left behind directly to your mind. There’s no need to worry. This place is inside your mind, and everything is created within you—”

Brendel knew that Tulman meant to say subconsciousness.

“Are you saying that this is a magic that affects the soul? Then why isn’t my Unyielding talent working?” He was slightly calmer than before, but he asked again: “How should I leave this place?”

Brendel suddenly remembered that he was still in danger, and he could not afford to waste any time here.

“There is no need for you to be in a rush to leave. This is the world that you have imagined, and everything that happens here is as fast as your thoughts. The Basett people has a saying: ‘A person could have dreamt a long dream in a single moment’. Even after your thoughts have come to pass, a second has not transpired.”

Tulman smile became even broader: “Even if you are going to die the next second, you can live for an hour longer in here.”

Brendel carefully dissected the meaning of his words. His rational thoughts were willing to believe him, but his instinct still warned him of the danger outside. He took a deep breath.

“I got it, but let us get to the point. Emperor Tulman, what exactly you want to tell me? What’s a Planeswalker?”

Brendel forced himself to calm down and ponder on the meaning of this ‘dream’.

[Tulman said that this is a projection, then it means there’

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