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The Amber Sword – Volume 2 Chapter62


TL: Got a pretty irritating cough that was serious enough (to choke me). I visited the doctor twice and thanks to the medicine I practically slept a lot the past week and didn’t do much homework. I don’t foresee the schedule coming back to normalcy at least for a month, so it’s still one update per two weeks for September.

Chapter 62 – Chablis

Recap: Freya met up with Brendel. The latter advised her to put her support behind Princess Gryphine. She faltered because she felt that she was just a small militia captain, but he told her that she could follow the example of the ‘Goddess of War’ in his memory. Soon after, Freya got up to leave, but told him to take care of Romaine in an ambiguous manner. Brendel pondered on her words and drank his wine.

The end of summer’s breeze brought a hint of sweetness in the air. Under the warm sun, it made peopleslightly drunk. August had gone by, and October was approaching soon.

The youth stretched his hand towards the blue sky, his fingers blocking part of his vision, while the pleasant sunlight poured through the fingers’ gaps. He felt like he was seeing a colorful flare as the dazzling light entered his eyes.

He then sighed as he lowered his head and hand to survey Chablis’s surroundings. The viridian mountains once again invited themselves into his eyes. The dry air and clear weather made him feel comfortable and peaceful, which put him into a good mood.

The emerald trees that used to decorate the mountains during summer’s peak had started to fade at one corner. The fir and sycamore trees were starting to have a layer of faint yellow, while the maple trees had a faint red applied to them. The intermixing colors were like a canvas speckled with different oil paints blended together to form a naturally pleasing painting.

He rode on his horse with one hand on the reins. He peered a short distance ahead, observing the white walls of the nearby mountains that intersected with a river. Houses with red roofs were near that area.

The town Chablis.

Brendel did not know much about it as the game was not renowned in the game. He only knew that it was situated in the center of Randner, and there were not many Aouine citizens living there.

To the north of this little town was a dense forest, and there was an Elven ruins that was hidden under layers of trees. It was called Baern Shyrltaesi, a temple build by the Silver Elves a long time ago. The silver courtyard was constructed in the center of the forest. The corridors were made with ornately carved white marble, and there was a divine feeling to it. It was aesthetically beautiful and mysterious at the same time.

However, during the Year of the Giant Shadow Dragon, the elves left this area for unknown reasons, and the temple was abandoned.

[Now the only creatures that live near it are a bunch of Lizardmen bandits, if I remember correctly.] Brendel

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