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The Amber Sword – Volume 2 Chapter43


TL: This chapter is pretty dry because the entire thing is about world building.

Chapter 43 – Bruglas’s underground auction (1)

The seventh month. Bruglas’s air was filled with a scorching heat that made people feel reluctant to move.

Under the peaceful exterior lies a darker current. One could predict the movements of the noble in the first half of this month. The signs of the war ending was becoming more and more apparent, and the people who wanted to profit from the aftermath were becoming restless. (TL: This paragraph is unclear. Lines like this do appear from time to time, but this one was particularly bad. It’s either part of the nobles were able to predict the aftermath of the war and were becoming restless to profit from the war, or what you see above.)

The citizens frequently saw messengers coming in one after another on horse, and those who did not know the situation thought the war was becoming even more intense. In truth, these letters were negotiations done in the Winter Rose Fortress.

The commoners felt insecure, and the nobles also felt insecure.

Yet this had nothing to do with Brendel, and he spend three days to follow his schedule. He obtained a registry pass for to search new lands as a ‘Pioneering Knight’. The pass was a document that stated the loyalty and responsibilities of a knight towards the king, which was stamped with a seal on it.

This thin piece of parchment was even more expensive than gold in the early days. However, with Aouine’s decline and the knights retaining their own power in their local region, as well as adventurers’ turning to lawless endeavors and without anyone interested in expanding the kingdom’s boundaries, the term of a ‘Pioneering Knight’ gradually became a title that did have any power to it.

Some time after the first king of Aouine, nobles slowly started to auction this title after they had solidified their foothold, and this piece of parchment slowly lost its value.

Brendel’s action was similar to how he did it in the game. He told Batum to buy a pretty dress for some random administrator’s wife, and he managed to get this title. He had held this title for days before Roen finally brought a piece good news to him.

The long awaited underground auction’s date finally arrived.

Bruglas’s underground auction date was going to be held on the tenth day. There were numerous illegal goods including human trafficking. The people who participated this event ranged from mercenaries, adventurers, illegal merchants and even Bruglas’s lawmakers.

Without a doubt, there were also nobles.

The people who controlled this market were certainly from the local underground factions, but it was known to many that there were nobles who participated in them, and none would be the wiser if they maintained a peaceful and stable society for the citizens.

The auction site was usually held at the Mari

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