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Chapter 78 – Outside one’s control

The two people started to sprint to their own camps, shouting at the top of their lungs. The Nightsong Tiger immediately pursued them. His body seemed to meld together with the trees’ shadows; he was not fast, but his movements were silent and practiced to the point of awe, as if he was a creature of the night.

The chains dragged across the floor and created a ringing sound.

[The disciples have discovered the commotion over in this area, my plans must change.]

He frowned as the girls behind him withdrew their crossbows. The other mercenaries took out their weapons in silence and stared anxiously into the forest, readying themselves for combat.

“My lord?” Amandina asked.

Brendel shook his head. The plans he had decided earlier had developments that were outside his prediction, and he needed to solve the situation quickly. He reached inside his pouches and took out a gleaming crystal.

The crystal lid up in an instant, casting soft light in the area.

“M-my lord?” Amandina opened her eyes in shock.

“Brendel!” Romaine was also stunned.

Everyone’s attention was taken by the sudden appearance of light, which grew increasingly bigger before it expanded in all directions, but Brendel threw it out as soon as it did so.

The lit crystal flew in an arc that passed through trees before it ended in thick foilage. Despite the layers of leaves, the amount of light emitted from the crystal still managed to light up the surrounding area.

Three human figures who wore black hooded robes stood there. Even though their faces could not be seen, they appeared to be startled as they stood motionlessly for a few moments. However what took Amandina’s breath away were three demons half the size of an average human standing beside each man. The creatures had hoofs for their feet, grey-greenish skin with black spiraling patterns, long goat horns and sharp teeth.

Chains were wrapped around their feet and ended with the disciples’ wrists. These were indeed the lowest ranking familiar from the Jurgen Underworld.

“The higher ranking familiars are on the opposite area!” The mercenaries immediately yelled out. These legendary mercenaries had fought against great malevolent forces, and certainly knew what these creatures were.

But Brendel already knew where they were.

Once he saw the three figures, he had turned to the other direction and raised his hand. The silver ring on his thumb shone brightly as he recited the word to activate it.


The air currents seemed to be like visible lines that surged forth towards the area, before an immense blast resounded throughout the forest. The nearby pine trees were dragged along the shockwave, cause them to break and splinter, while the trees that were directly in the shockwave’s path were turned into powder.

Once the maelstrom of wind ended, the trees were gone and became a clear path in front of Brendel.

The mercenaries sh

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