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Chapter 86 – The king and the dead (1)

The Spectral Knight under the moonlight looked like it was a translucent statue made of crystal, glowing faintly from the dusty air. It held a silver spear as it rode on its horse around the temple, which then disappeared from the group’s eyes at the other side of the temple’s wall.

The whole process of the Spectral Knight’s movements were silent. There were no sounds of hooves hitting the ground or the metallic grind from its armor. However, Brendel had already determined the subclass of the Spectral Knight in a few moments and decided on his strategy.

When he looked back at his men, he found thirteen pair of eyes with hesitation, doubt and anxiety. Even the Nightsong Tiger held his breath. Amandina covered her lips and muffled her coughs, trying hard to regain her composure.

The only exception was Romaine, whose eyes were bright from excitement at checking out the temple. Brendel’s heart skipped a beat and warned her to be careful and not to slip away without his consent. In regards to girl who called herself ‘The Great Merchant Romaine’, he was not sure what she would not do.

Brendel fiddled with his thumbs as he grumbled inwardly on how Romaine’s aunt disciplined her to have such a unique personality. He quickly waved away that thought and addressed the mercenaries.

“Our strategy is quite simple,” He brushed away the shrubs and pointed towards a nearby slope: “See that black pine tree? Other than the four people that I requested, I want the rest of you to lay an ambush there. Wait for me to lure the Spectral Knight over and wait for my signal to attack it.”

[[[[That’s it?]]]]

Everyone was stunned.

“But…… just what exactly should we do, my lord?” The Nightsong Tiger asked with doubt creeping into his voice.

[What do you mean by that…… Do you need me to teach you to attack someone when you ambushed him? Just kill it!]

Brendel answered after a split second with an answer: “Just hit him with everything you got……”

He suddenly realized what the problem was.

“Well, imagine this, treat this enemy like he was the one who murdered your wives and children.” Brendel said.

[Murdered my wife and children?] The Nightsong Tiger did not understand.

“But my lord, to tell you the truth, my woman had died long ago during the fight with Kirrlutz.”

Brendel placed his palm over his forehead and sighed.

“Imagine that he owed you a million gold coins to your mercenary group and he intends to evade payment—”


The mercenaries had never been refused payment after they became famous. They looked towards the direction where the Spectral Knight was earlier with bloodshot eyes as if he had murdered everyone they loved. The Nightsong Tiger gripped his axe so hard that it seemed to groan.

“Mother Marsha above! So this Spectral Knight is the same type of horseshit like the people of Anjou! My lord, we swear by Mother Marsha’s name, we will beat th

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