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Chapter 94 – Crystal

Brendel explained to the girls there was a requirement to summon or use the cards he had at hand, and expressed that he did not have the necessary materials to summon Medissa. Even though he had revealed part of his abilities as a Planeswalker, Amandina did not suspect the Mercenaries of Lopes to be summons.

[Medissa is one thing, but the Mercenaries of Lopes act like people who are still alive. If people start to think that I can somehow trap people and turn them into cards, I might be sent to the gallows or to be cut down on sight. Fortunately, Amandina is loyal enough so she probably wouldn’t reveal what I did here. I can probably spin a nice story somehow……]

After keeping the card, he directed the two mercenaries to scout the temple. At the same time a few of the mercenaries went to pass him the loot. The Spectral Knight had left behind a crystal and a pair of boots.

When Brendel saw the crystal he thought his eyes were deceiving him. He rubbed his eyes to make sure he was not dreaming.

[No, I must be seeing it wrongly. I’m called the Luckless King in the game, so how did I managed to get so lucky?]

When he fought the Golden Demonic Tree, it did not have any Golden Apple on it, and he did not find it strange because he simply possessed awful luck. He thought the crystal was a delusion, but after checking it various times and confirming on the Stats Window, it was the Spectral Knight’s Crystal.

– Spectral Knight’s Crystal [Boosting Equipment, Arm]

– +10% strength upon equipping.

Brendel pinched Romaine’s face, and the latter immediately furrowed her pair of delicate eyebrows in protest: “W-what are you doing Brendel!

Even though he would ignore that level of protest, he really caused her pain this time. She started to complain loudly.

“No, I’m just confirming if I’m not dreaming.” Brendel spoke as though as he was sleep walking.

“Pinch your own cheeks, you idiot!” Romaine was angry enough to lift her leatherskin shoes and kicked him.

This time Brendel knew that he was not dreaming because of the pain.


“You deserve it!”

“I forbid you to wear leatherskin shoes.”


Amandina shook her head when she saw the two were acting like children. The mercenaries were giggling in one corner as they knew their lord was in a good mood to act in that manner.

She looked at the crystal and wondered if it was really that important.

“Is that the Spectral Knight’s Crystal?” She suddenly asked a question out of curiosity. The others were also waiting for Brendel to tell them what it was used for.

It had became a common thing for them to see Brendel as a walking dictionary.

“Yes, this is the Spectral Knight’s Crystal.” Brendel stopped his quarrel with Romaine and answered. Then he suddenly smiled “It looks like I got my prediction right, so I’ll treat everyone at Ampere Seale for a day.”

Compared to how valuable the crystal was, the mercenari

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