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The Amber Sword – Volume 2 Chapter53


TL: Darn… That’s probably what I get for not reading the chapters ahead. I’m going to change one of the character’s name. Foltest >Tirste.Thismight sound terrible or funny… The transliteration for this particular character is Tai si te, and when I kind of googled to see if there was any pre-existing names already done for it, nope. Google translate put it as ‘Teste’, and I was, really? That’s like one ‘s’ away, you know…

Anyways long story short, I tried to find a medieval name and found witcher 2’s ‘Foltest’ to be the best fit amongst others (medieval sounding enough), so I just stuck it to this character.

Then I found out that chapter 56 had an English supplementary to his name, so I’m changing it. *Sigh*, I’ll retcon my stuff later after I get some rest.

16 more ch.

I’ll be cleaning up the chapters tomorrow for any mistakes.

Chapter 53 – Dimension Wizard

The undead monster took a giant stride and raised its axe. Even though there was a wall behind Brendel and the monster, he was experienced enough to know that he was within attacking distance, and his heart raced quickly. He was unable to think of any solution and the only way he could think of was to sacrifice an arm to save his life.

He was already prepared to make a decision like that.

But at this moment, he clashed into an impossibly attractive young man who was about the age of twenty five who came from the corner. He had silver hair and purple eyes, and his lips were pursed tightly together in an gloomy expression. Behind him were two men wearing a uniform that was deep blue in color, complete with silver colored armor, a long sword attached to the belt, and the pauldrons had silver scales on them.

They wore the formal uniform of the Silver-winged Cavalry.

The young man was the illegitimate son of the Grinores duke, Lord Tirste, who worked directly for the commander of the Silver-winged Cavalry, with the rank of Master Sergeant. He was slightly surprised when he saw Brendel, as if he remembered something, but his expression quickly darkened. He did not say anything and immediately thrust the rapier into Brendel’s heart.

His movements was blindingly fast; his hand did not shake and was accurate. It was something akin to drawing a very fine line with a silver thread, and anyone would have found it difficult to perceive it.

Brendel was particularly alert from the battle with the undead monster. He immediately realized that the person in front of him was hostile and not friendly. As he did not know how strong the person was, he could only try to cover his vitals and turn to one side.

Tirste was slightly taken aback. He did not expect for a normal Iron-ranked mercenary to be so alert. As the adjustment to the blade’s trajectory was late, it only streaked across Brendel’s shoulder like a venomous snake, bringing a spurt of blood into the air.

Brendel uttered a guttur

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