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The Amber Sword – Volume 2 Chapter61


TL: I found out that I got a grade ‘B’ from one of the subjects that I really didn’t want to get a B on. It’s like, well, I spent weeks and weeks on just that subject alone and I kind of go meh on the other stuff, and the others got a B+. That really just drives me nuts -_-. I might have to go again with the 2 weeks 1 update in order to polish things until I think the new assignments shines, depending on the workload. Don’t worry, I’ll fill in the backlog once I graduate.

As for the artwork for TAS, there’s the freedom to do whatever I want for the next assignment, so I’m thinking of doing Brendel as a warrior. Right now I don’t have a particular inspiration because I’ve just started, but if you guys have any amazing artwork warrior images that you have seen, just comment away and send me the links.

Also at the end of my course, I’ll be doing a check on all the chapter’s text for content errors and grammar mistakes. For the mean time, I will be doing recaps for my series because of the 2 weeks update thingy.

Next schedule would be tentatively 2weeks later. I kind of need to get a proper pose for Brendel and do up two good character designs, if I can get the design done earlier I can get a chapter out next week.

Recap: Princess Gryphine crosses blows with the Unifying Guild’s member who’s also a top ranking minister. Brendel meets up with Freya to talk with her before leaving.

Chapter 61 – Bruglas last night (3)

Freya became silent.

She looked like she was thinking of stray thoughts for a while, before she raised her head up to look at him. Her light brown eyes resembled like a pair of orange gems under the candlelight.

She hesitated for a while and then raised her left hand, and took off the ring on her thumb: “Take this ring with you. You will need it more than I do outside here.”

Brendel was slightly taken aback. He looked at the Ring of Fireball, and the red ruby glinted brightly in his eyes under the candles’ flames.

He looked at Freya again, while the latter turned her head away slightly.

“This ring was originally yours. I-I…… was only, borrowing it temporarily. Have you forgotten about it?”

The barkeep who was chatting with Brendel before Freya arrived, stood up and patted the young man’s shoulder. He smiled: “My friend, it seems like you’re in a bit of trouble. I’ll be off doing my things, and I’ll tell you about the wine cup’s legend later.”

The moment he finished speaking, he took his cup away and intentionally moved to the other corner of the bar, and started to gossip with a few drunk mercenaries.

Freya immediately snapped her lips shut without saying anything else after she heard him.

Brendel shook his head upon seeing this. His smile could not suppress the warmth in his heart. He gazed at her carefully and felt the weight of her concern in his heart. He originally wanted to simply leave her a message,

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