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Graveyard Reborns, Victory and Loss Both Sides of The Same Coin

Ina cursed under her breath and sighed with a worried expression on her face.

“That Pendulum monster is right. The Paradise of Purity has unparalleled defense, but its offense leaves much to be desired for. In fact, I have never won against it before. Boy, you have been watching for quite some time now. Isn’t it time you did something?”

Brendel nodded. A green glow cast upon his face with the Card of Fate’s information floating on it. He placed a certain card in his hand and pressed it lightly.

“There is something I can do, but you have to buy me some time.”

“I’ll try to reduce the number of Nightmare Forges, but it will come at a hefty cost,” Ina stared at him for a moment before saying. She pointed her finger, and the Platinum Dragon abandoned its opponent, instead charging towards the Pendulum Golem. The Devil raised its cold-flame greatsword, cleaving down on the dragon’s back. The Platinum Dragon let out a thunderous roar of pain, but it continued to thrash on the ground. The Pendulum Golem dared not try to stop it, so it could only look at its Nightmare Forges get destroyed. Due to the difference in size, the Nightmare Forges were annihilated within seconds.

However, a price had to be paid. The Devil, wrathed in blue flames, walked towards the Platinum Dragon. The dragon, with its wound gushing golden blood, had its back pierced by the Devil once more, the cold flames engulfing its heart. The magnificent creature raised its head, a look of unwillingness in its eyes, and bit down on the Devil’s muscular neck. However, the dragon had long lost its strength. Its teeth slid off, leaving only light wounds on the Devil’s neck.

There the dragon lay unmoving, like a mountain in the middle of a lake of gold.

“Ina, this youngster has made you rash. Now that your Platinum Dragon is out of the way, my victory has been assured,” the Pendulum Golem sneered.

Brendel felt strange that the deer lady was so silent. He turned around to look at her, only to see her grinding her teeth.

“I’m sorry,” he apologized.

“It’s fine,” Ina let out a sigh. “That monster’s monotonous look is pissing me off, like it thinks it can represent master. That’s not how master is! I know that Planeswalkers are supposed have noble beliefs and persistence. So what if it is good at calculating? I’m going to teach that thing a lesson and let him know how wrong he is!” Ina clenched her fist, anger flashing in her eyes.

For the first time, Brendel was not annoyed by her.

He placed his palm once more on the card, staring into its pitch-black depth, its color like the flames of hell. Its color meant that it was a contract card. Brendel felt a prickly cold feeling emit from the card, and the connection between the Planeswalker and Law started to build.

This card was not his only Dark creature. The card depicted a Bone Dragon who was being revived, depictingdeath and defea

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