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Chapter 200 – Dividing the loot and the plan to revive the dukedom

Veronica looked at Brendel with a perplexed expression. The youth’s perception of the Empire was exceptionally bad. It was true that the Kirrlutz Empire and Aouine regarded each other poorly because of the past feuds, but she could not understand why an astute person like Brendel would act so blatantly hostile towards them without even conceding a little ground.

But she was mistaken about Brendel’s reasons for being hostile. It was because the Empire had a hand in Aouine’s destruction in the future, not the past. Still, it did not prevent Veronica from admiring the youth’s insight, and she had a faint smile on her face which unfortunately made the latter feel unsettled.

“You know this point better than I do, Lady Veronica, most of the Empire’s Imperial Council would never agree to restore Mephisto’s territory. Even if your Emperor supports this idea, it wouldn’t pass because of the objections…… No, in the first place, why would the Emperor even support it? Mephisto attempted to assassinate him and killed countless young elite officers who were supposed the Empire’s future pillars. Millions of Tor coins are offered as bounty for his head.”

“Hmmm. You seem to know the Empire’s events very well?”

“Certainly not, definitely no more than the gossipers amongst the noble circle.” Brendel hurriedly changed his tune. There was no telling what this woman was planning if he continued to talk badly about the Empire.

“Hmph! This idiot keeps on criticizing our Empire. It’s as if there’s some kind of secret feud with us and he’s trying to study our history to find a weakness.” Faena interrupted them and rolled her eyes.

[Huh. Even though the snotty princess sounds like she’s mocking me, she’s actually trying to get me off the hook by stating a ridiculous notion. But I feel like there’s a chill on my back…… Why is this girl trying to be nice out of a sudden? There must be some kind of scheming involved!]

Brendel’s hair was standing up.

Veronica, however, nodded at Brendel’s thoughts: “You are right. The Empire will never agree to it.”

Brendel’s mouth opened and he could not help but feel impressed at Veronica admitting it so easily, especially when Mephisto was in listening range. This woman was a politician, no, she was even more thick-skinned and villainous than the average politician!

“Is your head filled with nothing but cynicism? Why is the younger generation nowadays full of scheming thoughts? As a commander of the Empire, my promise isn’t made lightly and I will definitely restore Mephisto’s territory.”

“…… Didn’t you just agree with me?”

“Yes, the Empire will never give back his land. But you can.”

“Me? Huh?” Brendel suddenly realized what Veronica was trying to do: “Why would I help him restore his territory? Even restoring his House is an onerous task. Also, why are you getting me involved in the transaction that both of you made

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