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– Rose, brambles, and lust for power

================ Royal Faction ==============

Madara was here.

Not only that, Count Randner had gathered an army of twenty thousand men in just two months in the Palas region, including three retainer knights with land deeds and soldiers.

With the addition of the mountain natives and other tribal forces, this force was no longer looking like a simple subjugation, but a show of force towards the people who dared to mock the Count.

This level of mobilization proved that Count Randner was a long way off from ‘retirement’.

He was still like a tiger that was narrowing its eyes, and once it opened them, it would be able to cause the entire southern mountainous region in Aouine to tremble, which happened several decades ago.

The entire Trentheim region was still under the tiger’s paws, and many people were starting to mock the fools who dared to tug at the tiger’s whiskers.

Grphyine’s Knight Commander, Count Assel immediately took this report when he received it, and promptly left his office for the Princess’s. Lord Cobb saw and followed him:

“My greetings, Knight Commander, I’ve heard the news from the south.”

Cobb’s position within the royal faction was not high, but he worked under Grandmaster Fleetwood. Since Fleetwood was princess Gryphine’s teacher and a court wizard, his position amongst the Royal Faction was respected. Even the bigwigs in the Royal Faction had to lower their heads when they saw this wizard.

Assel did not wish to deal with the trouble from Copp’s superior, so he nodded to acknowledge the latter’s words:

“Her Highness favors the rebellion army greatly but it’s a pity; she will be disappointed. In truth, many of our superiors doesn’t support the idea of getting involved with these rebels. It’s too dangerous since Count Randner is someone with strong military might.”

Kopp faked a sigh and nodded:

“Her Highness isn’t willing to speak with Duke Arreck. She’s just a child, regardless of how much the outside rumors that praise of her intelligence. Indeed, a girl is still a girl, it’s unavoidable that she would cling on to a few wishful thoughts.”

Aseel raised an eyebrow and replied:

“Politics is politics. The future of the kingdom is more important than anything else, and I believe that Her Highness will be able to see this point. Achieving an agreement with Count Randner is our best outcome. Only with it would the princess have enough clout to negotiate with that old duke.”

“Yes, but I’m worried about the princess being stubborn about it. Do you know this piece of information, Lord Assel— I heard that she secretly communicated with the rebels. If the evidence of her collusion gets to Count Randner’s hands, we will be placed in a passive position.”

“Don’t worry, Duke Lantonrand and Grandmaster Fleetwood and our knights do not agree to support these country bumpkins that are lurking in the shadows. I am certain Her Highness will

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