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Chapter 216 – Preparation for war (5)

Brendel gave up raising the Nine Luminaries Sword Arte after it reached level 7 for the time being. The skill needed more than 250000 TP at that level, and the XP gained from the grimoire’s fragments could hardly keep up with the requirement.

The Nine Luminaries Sword Arte at level 7 could produce eight illusions and deal 50% damage of the base body. It was just a step away from producing the maximum number of illusions, which was nine.

The youth also realized that the illusion’s duration was affected by the level. The initial duration only lasted a little longer than a second in the beginning, but each level increased the duration by approximately 0.1 seconds.

[Hmm. Typically my physical abilities use my stamina points, but my illusions use MP instead. Charge uses 6 MP, Piercing Strikes uses 20 MP. Since I’m a warrior, my MP is significantly lower than my stamina. I only have 250 MP in total, and casting eight illusions along with a Charge and Piercing Strike will use up almost everything.]

Brendel experimented with one of the illusions casting a magic spell.

[There isn’t really much time for the illusions to do any real casting, but let me try using the illusion as a defensive tool. Barkskin— Hmm. It adds +1 to armor. Barkskin requires 50 MP, but if an illusion does it, the ability requires 100 MP instead. That’s double the MP usage.]

He continued to experiment with the ability and called out Kodan to test out the Sword Arte. The illusion could not cast another illusion on its own, and it did not seek to actively swap places with him even if the main body was in danger.

But after Kodan fought the youth for a day, he complained in frustration and refused to do so any longer.

Brendel had become even stronger than before, and the Nine Luminarinaries Sword Arte was too bizarre. The old man was literally a punching bag for the youth; a normal person would refuse to become one and it was even more so for a Gold-ranked Swordsman.

Kodan did not show up on the second day.

But Mephisto came to look for Brendel. The youth did not know where the Sword Saint of Ashes heard that he was looking for someone to train with, but the latter did not beat around the bush and bluntly asked for a duel immediately.

[This is a little puzzling. There’s really nothing to learn from me at your skill level. Your stats or swordsmanships are vastly superior to mine. It’s more appropriate to say you are guiding me or something.]

Brendel obviously did not refuse someone who was willing to aid him. What was unexpected was how Mephisto limited himself with a handicap and fought the youth patiently.

Mephisto had more insight than Kodan and his eyes narrowed in recognition of the ancient technique.

“This technique is beyond my understanding, but your clones are using the same standard of your military swordsmanship. There are some minor things you can do to improve it.” Mephisto said

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