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Navigating through the tunnel full of staggering piles of dry grain and food. It did not take long for Jill to find the secret ‘treasure’ that was buried by the three mysterious people. There was a huge sack lying quietly on the ground in the narrow tunnel.

Jill and Bu were visibly excited, “Jill, shall we open it?” Bu hastily asked.

“Of course!” Jill replied.

The two of them untied the rope, but the first thing that came into their view was not a dazzling pile of gold, but a young girl with a pale-white face and closed eyes. Both of them screamed at the same time, backing up from it as if they had seen a ghost.

“Aaaaah!! Jill, this is not a treasure!!”

“Of course I know that! Oh my, this must be a murder victim! Dear Marsha, this happened right under her eyes! The skies can be my witness, I have done nothing at all!” Jill exclaimed.

“Bu, please give me a hand here, I got scared till my legs became numb.”

“Jill, it’s the same for me. It’s not just my legs, but I can feel my back numbing too.” Bu said with a face of distraught, it was the first time he saw a dead body.

“Seriously Bu? How can your back become numb?” Jill was slightly annoyed.

“It’s true Jill. It got so numb that the wall behind me feels soft.” Bu clarified.

“Nonsense, how can the wall become soft?” Jill was even more annoyed at Bu.

“It’s true! I already told you that it is just an illusion!” Bu angrily replied seeing that his own companion did not trust in him.

Just before he managed to finish speaking, he heard a warm and soft voice behind him saying, “I don’t think that is an illusion, you’re just leaning on my leg.”

“Ahh!” Bu was shocked and screamed loudly. He turned back and saw a man in black noble clothing, armed with a long sword. He seemed like he was a caring young man.

“Ahhhhhhhhh!!” Bu and Jill jumped up at the same time, meeting a noble in such a haunted place was like mice encountering a cat, they were both utterly shocked. “Ahh! This..this is none of our business, we were just…...unlucky to discover this, please don’t send us to the authorities!” Jill pleaded.

“I’m just saying...I mean, you better not frame us of being guilty of this……” Jill added, staring at this stranger who just seemed to be silent. Although he had the guts to plead for mercy, the penalty for murder in Ampere Seale was a serious one. The penalty was to revoke the offender’s citizenship and would confiscate all properties and inheritance from his/her family.

It was obvious that the most serious penalty was confiscating all properties and inheritance. Well, at least to Jill and Bu.

It was literally a sentence to hell.

The young man who abruptly appeared was naturally Brendel himself. As half of him came from the ‘future’, he would naturally know about this secret tunnel of the cathedral. Rogning designed and built the Anderla Cathedral along with the secret tunnel with defensive purposes in mind. Unfortunately, th

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