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Caike maneuvered through the remains of the windows, and following behind him were seven other men. They all walked past the glass riddled floor of the hall, pulling out their swords at the same time.

Currently the entire place was a mess: the blood of the fallen had formed streams of crimson, and no matter where you looked, you would see Evil Cultists. However, there were a few groups managing to keep their footing, especially Princess Gryphine and her men. Brendel too was wielding his large sword, bashing away at enemies whenever they came too close.

Caike’s gaze locked onto that young man. He squinted his remaining eye and his face twitched. He had long made a name for himself as a mercenary that instilled fear among others. His other seven comrades were the same, and no matter if it was in terms of strength or background, they could potentially become anyone’s worst fears.

Caike looked back at them and they all nodded silently. Since they were here already, there was only one path forward: victory. Defeat would mean death.

As the eight Gold ranked warriors stepped forward, everyone became stunned at their arrival. The bodyguards next to the nobles palpitated. Although it could be said that each powerhouse in Aouine would have at least twenty Gold rankers, they mainly fought solo and rarely as a group. This is because they would lead as captains and the regions these people would have to protect were large and required a lot of manpower.

Precisely at this moment, Gryphine seemed to have realized something. She turned back to see a smiling Duke Seifer ordering his men to stand down, while Duke Arreck was expressionless, placing his hand habitually on his sword.

The other nobles were scared shitless. Baron Balta was slightly nervous, and when he locked gazes with Princess Gryphine, he looked away. Princess Gryphine thought,Duke Viero, Duke Karsuk, Count Cordo, and Count Vitokin are not here. Don’t tell me…

She gritted her teeth and lowered her head.

When she looked up, she could only see two clergymen from the Holy Cathedral.Seems like they did not send any of their powerhouses this time.

Caike twitched his eyebrows.There’s no time to lose now.Bloodthirst flashed through his eyes, and he pointed at Fleetwood, “That old man is a Wizard, don’t let him complete his preparations.” His men nodded and rushed to attack the people of the Royal Faction. The nobles seemed to realize that the target of these evildoers was Princess Gryphine, and they did not care about the Royal Family’s influence as they simply moved aside.

The pride of the Royal Faction seemed to be meeting its end at that moment, and the color of Aouine’s flag gradually losing its shade.

The eight mercenaries moved into an offensive stance, and the mood of the entire hall changed, with everyone’s faces falling.

The princess did not say anything, nor did she move backwards. She just looked around fearlessly, and there seemed to be an innat

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