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Chapter 199 – Revive the dukedom?

“Impossible!” Andesha was unable to stop herself from screaming when she watched Brendel fall lightly onto the ground without any injuries.

But sometimes impossible notions were made into reality. Brendel added the attribute of Indestructible to Halran Gaia with his Element Power due to the Stability trait.

The Rift of Destruction seemed like it was a force that cannot be destroyed or hindered and Andesha was unable to affect it in the slightest, but it was ultimately because the grade of Andesha’s Element Power was too low. It was the same for Veronica. The Magic Formations from her sword were ripped off even though she was guarding herself with her Element Power.

Halran Gaia’s Magic Formations resisted the Rift of Destruction’s pull not because of the sword’s grade, but because Brendel’s Element Power was powerful. The youth realized this fact when his arrow shot across the violent winds and was hardly affected by it. He decided to trust in his Element Power when he could not resist the pull from the Rift of Destruction; he carefully assessed the Grimoire’s position within the black hole and thrust Halran Gaia into it.

[It succeeded? Really? Mavekart’s Grimoire is the representation of the Chaos Element Power. It should have destroyed Halran Gaia even if it’s a replica. If my sword resisted that book’s power, doesn’t it mean that my Element Power is at least amongst the level of the major Arcane Elements?]

The four Holy Sages. King of Flames, Gatel. Empress of Wind, Osorno. The Grand Priest, Farnezain. The Saint, Eirelannt. They gained their fame because they possessed incredible Element Powers. Brendel could never have imagined that he had an Element Power that rivaled them. Only the biggest pay-to-win players managed to procure these Element Powers.

[Ah, but it’s such a pity. Judging from the early looks of it, this power isn’t the highest tier though.]

Brendel’s greed to have even more power passed in an instant. Right now he simply wanted to roar to show off his delight. Not only did he managed to confirm the strength of his Element Power, but he also cleared off the final obstacle and Valhalla was in sight.

[I wondered how the lucky players who managed to get Valhalla felt. The entire chain of events was an endless number of death flags. I’m not even sure how I survived.]

First, it was the people from the Kirrlutz Empire, then it was the people who were interested in Halran Gaia. Next, he had to deal with the Calamity of Wolves which was even more dangerous than he expected. Mephisto joined in the party, along with that fake Ancestral Hydra, Veronica, and Andesha. With Faena dragging his feet all the time.

“Everyone wants a damned piece of me. Even S-rank missions are easier,” Brendel grumbled as he turned around to face Andesha.

The Mistress of Withering Decay gritted her teeth when she saw Brendel’s dangerous gaze: “I surrender!”

She was decisive. The

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