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============= Firburh ============

The seasons within the Dark Forest changed frequently, but the harsh winter in Firburh in the Year of the Sword was just over, and the temperature had not gone back to its warm state.

It even snowed heavily twice in January, but it also seemed to hint that the city was going to have a wonderful harvest.

The cold winds were still biting in the streets, and there was hardly anyone passing through.

The only bar within the city was a different sight, and the fireplace in it was burning strongly to fill the bar with light and warmth.

Adventurers would gather in this place during autumn and wait for the snow in the forest to melt. Every one of them who came into the bar would take out their robes that were covered fully with snow, observe the entire hall, then took out their hat to show their respect to a young woman who was sitting far away at the corner of the hall.

That girl’s forehead was very high, and it was smooth as a crystal. The light from the fire would make it shine brightly, and her eyes were large and showed a little wisdom in them, and they glittered as she looked at the people and goods around her curiously. She wore a beautiful formal dress, and though she could not be considered to be a full adult yet, her chest was maturing amply. Her dress was tucked in at the waist and perfectly accentuated the girl’s slender body form. It was just that the lady-like dress was not very fitting for her as her actions were a little thief-like; she acted as if she had stolen the dress from somewhere.

“Lady boss, this is the deerskin that you wanted. The forest has completely frozen up and we spent a great deal of effort to chase after a herd of deer. Harduo even suffered a little frostbite. You can’t be overly stingy with our rewards—”

There were a few people who were clearly hunters standing before her and negotiating. The leader was apparently a nearby villager living in the hills. He wore a thick fur coat and there was a longbow on his back.

“Hoh, Harduo has frostbite? That’s really unlucky for him.” Romaine blinked her eyes and asked curiously: “Are there no more deer herds in the forest?”

“It’s because of those damned Subterrane Dwellers. They scared away the animals.”

“Hmm, I heard that the Subterrane Dwellers stopped doing that before it snowed.”

“That’s…… In any case, it has something to do with it.”

“I want these deer hides so I can make a coat for Brendel. Are two hundred silver coins fine?” Romaine carefully poked the deer hides with her finger as she looked up and asked.

“We’re definitely pleased to help our Lord and make him a large coat. I’m sure he will be even more fond of you, lady boss.” The leader’s face did not show that he believed the lady in front of him would be able to make a coat, but he still spoke respectfully: “But this amount is too little. Lady boss, please take into account that Harduo is frostbitten.”

“But this deer hide is

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