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Chapter 215 – Preparations for war (4)

Learning both Piercing Strikes and Bloodline Awakening originally needed a considerable lengthy chain quest to be done, but Brendel had the advantage of a maxed out reputation in the Green Tower.

Manehoof did not dare to refuse Brendel’s request, and he was actually honored to teach him these techniques.

Brendel activated Bloodline Awakening and removed all the techniques under the Militia profession without hesitation. He then placed Analysis under the Mercenary slot.

The unique riding skill of riding a hunting dragon was not needed anymore and was discarded.

Power Break and Frontal Assault did not work if they were placed together under the same profession slot, so Brendel eliminated Frontal Assault.

The White Raven Sword Arte was also thrown away after a moment of hesitation, as it was not going to advance in levels since he did not have the second half of the technique. He was also going to learn the Wind Empress Nine Luminaries Sword Arte soon enough, so there was no reason to keep it.

The White Raven Sword Arte was merely derived from the Wind Elves’ sword technique, while the Nine Luminaries Sword Arte was the ultimate technique of the Wind Empress, and there was no possible way for it to be weaker.

After removing the various techniques, Brendel received a total of 6000 TP. He spent half of it and raised Piercing Strikes to level 10.

– Piercing Strikes

– Level 10

– Does 425% bonus damage in a frontal cone shape of thirty meters

– 12.7 % chance to do a critical strike.

– Grandmaster trait: Increase 100% damage from Charge with a fixed percentage.

[With the combined Charge and Piercing Strikes techniques, there’s a chance to do more than 1500% damage. It’s a low probability, but it’s still a chance.]

Brendel had considered this arrangement even before he entered the Loop of Trade Wind. After he successfully gained Valhalla and the Druids’ trust, he felt that he had gained the first step to control his fate.

For an NPC living in this world, they had to put in a tremendous amount of effort to reach such skill levels. But for a gamer, the characters that they played had the potential to possess such powers. Brendel’s goal was to become the strongest just like the other gamers. He would use a single person’s power to shock this era.

In the game’s terms, he must be a Carry, and be that Carry who possessed the ultimate equipment, capable of saving the entire world in the game. While it was not truly necessary to be so extreme, he at least intended to expend an immense amount of resource and execute a long-term plan to become one. (TL: The slang ‘Carry’ refers to someone in a game who can totally flip a losing game into a victorious one.)

[I’ll leave my Mercenary at level 30 and Elementalist at level 25. There are two professions available with this combination. Frost Slayer, Ice Knight. These are professions suitable for Angurvadal.]

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