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The Holy War(1)

The Elemental Laws resonated with the divine artifact as four beams of light rose into the sky. The sky and seas reverberated and flocks of birds surrounded the beams, forming a grandiose scene which had never before been witnessed.

On that day, countless people, from Ampere Seale to Suale, from the Grey Harbor to Kanaki, saw that miracle.

However, not everyone was enraptured by this beautiful sight. Near the north side of Ampere Seale’s harbor, the knights from the Royal Cavalry Academy were orderly defeating the last defense line of the coast guards.

But the situation was silently changing…

As one of the rare first batch graduates from the Royal Cavalry Academy, Holland had led a few officer knights to break the temporary barricade formed by the coast guards. All he had to do now was to continue charging forward before the enemy could rebuild their defense line.

Right behind him were Canmel and Aiden, from the 13th and 14th squads respectively. Their roles were to get behind enemy lines and form a pincer attack at other areas of the enemy’s defenses. The Wind Spirit Spiders on their shoulders were relaying information from across the battlefield and giving them orders. Everything was extremely well coordinated, with each of the groups executing their roles to perfection.

Holland had never fought in battles like this, nor did he learn the tactics for them. But undoubtedly, this was what he always dreamed of. He could clearly see his opponents in a state of shock and panic as their defenses fell.

We only need to keep moving forward and victory will belong to us. Hmph! Piece of cake.

Holland had always thought that such strong commanding and execution was just a fantasy, but now that he was witnessing it personally, he could not help but gawk. The knights on the battlefield came together as a sharp sword, and the wielder of that sword could be none other than the greatest swordsman.

It’s incredible!

But all of a sudden, he saw the bodies of a few Wind Spirit Spiders around him and quickly realized they were the partners of the troops that went up ahead of him just now.

A problem has surfaced…

Brendel’s POV

"Kirrlutz’s forces have begun moving," Brendel replied solemnly, as if he could see them with his own eyes. "There are at least three squads coming at us from the northeast and northwest directions at high speeds. They have already passed the Golden Wool Street, the Twelfth Street…”

He suddenly looked up, "Ah, I think I have recognized them, they should be the White Lion Legion. This pincer attack is one of their old tricks."

Brendel was amused.So it really is them.

"They want to encroach on us," Maynild replied coldly. "This is a trap."

"The northern bastards sure have guts, drawing everyone’s attention to the Black Blade’s Squad but secretly mobilizing the White Lion Legion." Brendel sneered and looked up, watching the strange resonance in the sky. "He’s d

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