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Meeting Again Once More

In reality, besides the Shining Scale Nagas, there were also the Grey Fins, Jalo, Sea Serpent, etc, etc who were fairly active on the Shining Seas. And the one Brendel was most familiar with was the Grey Fins. They may look similar, but the differences between each species can be compared to the differences between nations, or, the people in it to be precise. Each originated from a different ancestor, like the Grey Fins were said to be the descendant of the Heavenly Snake Manas. According to the Kirrlutz legends, The Dragon of Calamity mated with the humans, giving birth to twelve half-snake half-human creatures, in which Manas was one of them. Legends had it that it had a body of ash white, and protected the North Sea, which was later renamed to be the current Farnezain Sea. That was why the creature was viewed as one of the protectors of the ten city-states today.

The Grey Fins, being Manas’s descendant, inherited its ash white scales, and were said to be riddled with dust. But then again, no one could prove that point. But Brendel recognized these creatures from his experience in The Amber Sword. He stood by the side of the deck, not answering the questions of the Nagas before him. He was awaiting their leader who had yet appear.

Everyone else, including James, followed his stance and stayed silent as well. The sailors were curious as to what he was going to do. Upon seeing how he commanded Mephisto and the spectacle shown by the latter, they all believed he had the ability to do it as well and left their gazes stuck onto Brendel.

Seeing how the people onboard did not show any sort of movement, the Grey Fins became agitated. But after a while, the seawater parted, and from the crack emerged two Nagas. One female while the other was a male.

The male was slightly larger and fiercer and, unlike others, he had amber colored irised instead of purple ones. He was wearing a large deep blue colored scale armor and in his hand was a long blade. It seemed like a kukri, but no one had seen one of that size. The battle tattoos on him were more detailed as well, filling him with an odd, wild allure.

With just one glance, Brendel had identified the Naga. It was the wandering boss that governed the area around here. His name was ‘Sani’, meaning ‘larger’ in the Nagas’ tongue, but the other players preferred to call him ‘Yellow Eyes’. As for his name, it was said that it was because he was born with a larger head than the other Nagas.

It may sound like a subject to laugh at among the humans, but in the culture of the Nagas, it was something worth taking pride in. Having a larger body meant being stronger, Sani was born to be a warrior. When he grew up, he became the commander of the Grey Fins, making him the target boss in everyone’s eyes.

“Human, where do you come from?” Sani looked at the boat, a hint of doubt traced in his eyes. But he was a mature person and did not make up any form of conclusions.

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