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The Princess and the Knight

The glass window shattered, scattering in the air like butterflies. The Evil Cultists swamped the room. Some of them were wearing monks’ habits while others sported uniforms of the nobles’ soldiers. However, one could tell their allegiance by the stony unmoving expression on their faces and the blades in their hands that gleamed with a frosty light. Two hundred years ago, the nobles of Aouine who often followed King Erik into battle would have had no problem dealing with these cultists; however most of them now only cared for drinking and enjoying the pleasures of life, against the forces of the Evil Cultists they could only cower in a corner, screaming and stumbling in panic.

Amongst the nobles, only one person stood firm. The princess was unmoving, like a boulder against the tides. The nobles remembered how fearsome the members of the Royal Family were, and they slowly backed away from Princess Gryphine. Arreck and the other Dukes were also in a pinch, but that was precisely why they were on full alert. The Cultists were like tigers going through a herd of sheep, waving their swords around, leaving a trail of bodies and blood as screams of pain filled the room.

The half-elf wore an expressionless mask, but her heart was burning with fury.How dare these inhumane creatures to harm my father’s subjects!She was furious at the Holy Cathedral for not doing anything. She held the arm of the wolf knight beside her. “Baron Oberwei.”

“Your Highness, I know what your wish is, but please hold your order and get to safety immediately. This area is under the jurisdiction of the Holy Cathedral, you need not interfere.”

“The people of the kingdom are being killed right now. Since when Aouine listen to outsiders from Kirrlutz like you?” Princess Gryphine replied angrily. At that moment, her aura was like a sword unsheathed, freezing Makarov in place just as he was about to speak. The sly fox paused, thinking that the princess truly lived up to her reputation, and he was nearly fooled by her regal appearance.

“Baron Oberwei, make way!” Gryphine’s expression moved not once. She took a blade from one of her guard’s hands, her movements graceful and precise.

The nobles immediately moved out of the way, revealing the horde of Evil Cultists. Makarov could not suppress his yelp. He had just realized that most of the cultists were already at peak Silver Rank, with some of them already in Gold Rank.

However, retreating now was not a realistic option. Thus, the sly fox yelled out, “Oberwei, get the princess out of here, we’ll handle this place!”

Before he could finish his sentence, the shadow of a broadsword blotted his eyes.

“Oh, where did you get that blade from?” Everyone was shocked when they saw Brendel pull out a sword from under his cape. No one was allowed to bring weapons, so Fleetwood, Oberwei, Makarov and the others were unarmed. Yet, this person was able to pull out this massive weapon from

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