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Dark Adversity, Pure White Paradise

After losing Andrea’s assistance, Brendel felt the pressure of the onslaught increase. The monsters affected by Abyss Web were useless on the battlefield. They were slowed, blinded, and their health was bleeding away. However, Brendel could feel the effects of the spell weakening as it reached its duration.

Andrea offered to summon her underlings to the battlefield, but Brendel rejected the idea after some thought. Low-leveled underlings had no place in fights of this scale.

The rejected vampiress clicked her tongue in annoyance. Seeing that Brendel was still resisting, the Pendulum Golem threw out another card, summoning a four-armed female mage with metallic-grey skin and a tall frame. She was at least two heads taller than the average person, boasting a long and slender neck. Her head was completely bald, allowing the protruding nerves on her scalp to be seen by all. Her face and shoulders were also decorated with strange patterns.

Brendel was wondering if this was the Ekronian Spellweaver. Before he could complete the thought, the Ekronian Spellweaver, with a staff in one hand, started weaving mysterious runes, and invisible bindings wrapped around Brendel.

However, before the bindings could activate properly, it disappeared without a trace. Brendel couldn’t help but laugh out loud.You idiot! Didn’t you know that spells below ten circles are ineffective against me!However, the Pendulum Golem threw out another card before Brendel could stop laughing.

“Death Sentinels!”

Another gate of blinding light appeared, and out came ten more black-armored soldiers. Not only that, every creature that had been defeated was replaced by another Death Sentinel. Soon, there were even more Death Sentinels than before.

“Shit! They just keep coming!” Brendel was frustrated at the Golem’s seemingly endless hand of cards. Normally, it was the player who had plethoras of tactics and methods to deal with the Boss, but today he was the one being toyed with.

Brendel activated his Planeswalker system, preparing to pull out a card as his final struggle.

Suddenly, a voice rang out from within the darkness, “You Pendulum monster, when did this become your territory? What gives you the right to act so high and mighty?” Brendel turned to the voice and saw a Spear of Light pierce through the darkness, hitting a Death Sentinel square in the chest. The Spear seemed to be specially made to attack Dark creatures, as divine flames scorched the Death Sentinel’s body, reducing him to a pile of smoldering ash.

What’s going on?

Momentarily stunned, Brendel saw a tall and slender lady walk into the light, a warm glow emanating from her body. To be more precise, only her top half was human, her lower half was that of a white doe. Normally, hybrid creatures such as these were known as demons in the game. The doe demoness wore a white feather ornament on her crown and wielded a Spear of Light in her hand.

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