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Chapter 198 – The final moment (15)

“Impossible! Gah!!!” Amman’s haughty laughter turned into a scream.

“What? He’s not dead?!” Brendel was just as shocked.

Mavekart’s Grimoire was an artifact that was placed within the Unifying Guild’s sanctum, and it only made its appearance late in the game. Brendel was very familiar with the Shadow Blasting Waves magic spell. One had to constantly control their Element Power to guard against the pulsing Dark Energy at all times, or it would burn away their Life Energy. The closer one was to the spellcaster, the stronger the Dark Energy; Amman’s flesh had completely aged and his appearance resembled a desiccated corpse. The activated spell was even capable of physical damage, and it was powerful enough to hurl a large figure like Andesha’s dragon form away.

It was nearly impossible to approach Amman or injure him with Energy-based attacks since the Dark Energy from the spell simply flushed everything away. But Brendel revealed the weakness with his longbow by attacking Amman when the spell was in its charging phase.

[Are you fucking kidding me!? Amman is a Priest! This is a bug! Bug! I shot him perfectly through the chest too!]

Brendel was screaming in his mind just as loudly as Amman.

The bishop sounded almost lively as he clutched his chest in terror: “My spell…… No! Mavekart’s Grimoire, ahhh, I will destroy you all for this!”

As soon as he finished speaking, the entire wave of Dark Energy shook and exploded around the caster. The courtyard was temporarily quiet, leaving behind an inky fog with a whiff of decay.

The spell was interrupted.

Amman’s full figure was revealed against once more as the fog dissipated. The color of his face was completely white, while the corners of his lips were stained with dark splatters of blood. His eyes were staring at Brendel as though he had killed his loved ones and was gloating about it.

[Huh. His glare actually looks like one of my past allies when I owed him a few hundred thousand Tor coins…… Wait, how the hell did I—]

The youth remarked to himself before his eyes widened. Veronica was opening her mouth slightly as she noticed the same thing he did.

Mavekart’s Grimoire had an actual hole in it. Brendel rubbed his eyes and blinked a few times. He could not believe that he shot through the book. That was the ultimate book of evil. It was an existence that nearly rivaled a divine artifact, and he punctured a hole in it?

Amman’s lips trembled a few times: “I….. kill you.” The pitch of his voice changed because of his inexpressible rage.

However, Brendel merely clapped in delight: “Hah! I understand now, that Mavekart’s Grimoire in your hands is a fake!”

Amman and Veronica’s expressions changed at the same time. The former was completely stunned, while the latter looked puzzled.

“A fake?” She repeated.

“Ah, no, I should say that’s a projection of the actual grimoire. An object that recorded information

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