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=========== The Green Tower ==========

The darkness was fading.

The first ray of light was like a sharp blade that sundered the heavens, turning into a blinding pillar of light that exploded within that single moment, and the surroundings seemed to dim because of the contrast between darkness and light.

The Wall of Clouds was being pierced by additional rays of light as if was a cocoon being lit up from within. The dark night was turned into a shade of light purple, then to blue, and the land was lit up from the receding veil of illuminated clouds. The Dark Forest displayed a vivid green that the Druids had never seen before, with light piercing through the holes between the leaves to reach the ground.

The mist lifted and shadows formed with clarity; it was as if dawn had arrived.

Someone had pulled off the black cloth that covered the mountains. Golden hues spread across the dense vegetation, and the first ray of light reached the Green Tower’s walls, washing away the fatigue of the warriors.

The battleground was completely silent. The cold fallen ancient Treants’ bodies stood tall with countless dead wolves in front of it, almost like statues that were deliberately positioned. The rays of light continued to move and illuminate the city, revealing the various battlefields and murky figures.

The heroic Tree Elves defended their positions with every corner they could find, but many were killed after they exhausted all their strength. The monsters at the frontlines were also collapsing from fatigue, but they were reinforced by even more of their numbers.

The major blockade was at the Elven Great Hall. The Tree Elves and Centaurs were forced back and forth from the incoming storm of wolves, but they still secured the position miraculously. Almost every Druid was locked into battle, with a staggering amount of spells sailing through the air. The two Archmagi from the Silver Alliance were standing at the back, forming the strongest barriers in their defenses.

Nordas, who was from one of Aouine’s southern army, blinked his unfocused eyes. His muscles went rigid when the rays of light reached the wolves’ back and he stared in surprise. Beside him was a row of centaurs who also could not believe what they saw.

It was morning…… and the wolves were burning.

The steel-like hides of the wolves burst into flames, and the monsters screamed in pain as they scrambled to flee from the light, though even the ones hiding in the shadows were not spared. Very quickly, the entire Green City seemed like a sea of fire had been poured down onto the monsters.

The wolves that were directly in the light seemed like they were being pierced through; holes started appearing in them with flames bursting out from their wounds.

Even the bravest person in the Green Tower could not help but feel lucky for surviving this ordeal. The frantic assault was completely dismantled in an instant as the monsters disintegrated into ashes.

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