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Chapter 214 – Preparation for war (3)

In the end, the combined army of the various races was less than a thousand, but the adventurers and mercenaries who sought for opportunities in the Dark Forest were all skilled fighters, each who could only be found in one out of a hundred men.

They were made up of powerful Iron-rankers and some were even Silver-rankers. The Tree Elves were roughly the same caliber; Silver-rankers who survived the Calamity of Wolves.

A mixed force of Iron-rankers and Silver-rankers was the equivalent as having an army that was entirely made up of knights. Even the strongest army under Aouine’s generals did not have a luxurious formation.

Brendel wondered what Count Randner’s face would be like when this army suddenly appeared in the battlefield. It was definitely outside one’s expectations.

However, the youth delayed his departure instead of leaving immediately. The Druids rushed overnight to prepare equipment for this army, which was done at the Mana Pool that was naturally formed in the Green Tower. It was a common structure that was found in major cities, but rarely found in smaller cities.

There was always an Elder Druid overseeing operations as the others forged steel equipment with Mana. Even though they were not as sturdy as metal that was genuinely forged, the equipment had the advantage of being lightweight.

The Centaurs’ workshops were also lit all night long. There were banging of steel that rang all night that sounded throughout the market area, extending beyond several miles. The various weapons were quenched in water and immediately delivered to the army.

The various factions staying in the Green Tower sent out their craftsmen as well. The Mountain Dwarves volunteered to join in the Centuars’ workshops and oversaw operations. It was a peculiar sight to see several Dwarves, Centaurs, and Elves standing together, competing with each other to increase production. This scene happened before in the past, but it was only during the War of the Holy Saints.

The other factions sent out messengers to thank Brendel generously. The youth knew that most of them did not have any discord with Aouine or were distant from the kingdom, but even the coldest faction verbally supported Brendel by promising to boost his credibility to the Holy Cathedral of Flames.

The few Wind Elves ambassadors in the city asked the youth if he required reinforcements. These elegant Elves even made a joke about their ancestors having a close relationship with King Erik, though Brendel could hardly perceive it as one. The Wind Elves were aggressive to the Kirrlutz Empire and actively sought a chance to make Aouine’s neighbor fret—

Brendel rejected their ‘kindness’ gently.

The Wind Elves wanted to trouble the Kirrlutz Emperor and wished for his early death, but if they got involved in Aouine’s civil war, then it could escalate into a Holy War between the Holy Cathedral of Flames and the Divine Pantheon

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