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A team of soldiers wearing long red gowns passed downtown in a hurry, causing loud rattles as the metal trim of their gowns hit against their chestplate. Amandina looked back at the guards as they disappeared in the distance, the orderly sound of their footsteps going away. She felt that the atmosphere in Ampere Seale had become even tenser compared to two days ago.

“I didnot expect the princess to bear the Lionheart Sword, but will the nobles in the North give up that easily?” Amandina asked the other person in the carriage. Perfume permeated throughout the air, making her feel uneasy.

“That’s why they will postpone the next meeting by two days,” Brendel closed his eyes slightly and answered.

The subtle changes in the noble meeting led him to abandon his original plan.Duke Arreck has given up allying with the Royal Faction and is standing neutral as Kirrlutz continues to pressure him. Unless the Holy Cathedral of Fire confirms their standing, my plans will be in ruins.

No one was expecting the Holy Cathedral to intervene, but it would make sense if they did. They would not hope to see Aouine fall into civil strife, but, what if the war was already inevitable? In the game’s history, the key moments were the months just before the Lion Beastmen had completed hoarding their food stock. It was not impossible for the powers to shift within this time period, and if the princess was able to show her competence, perhaps the Holy Cathedral of Fire would shift their support towards the South.

But just why is the Holy Cathedral of Fire so interested in the matters of Aouine?Brendel thought.It cannot merely be a coincidence that Archbishop Moros is coming here to replace Wood almost one month earlier than he did in the game.As history was changing surreptitiously, Brendel felt like he could not predict things as he did before. Things were becoming even more complicated than he had thought.

As the atmosphere in Ampere Seale had now become more subtle, Brendel had to suppress his desire to take action, and he chose to observe for a while first. Besides, he had other things to do today.

“Will they be able to prove that the holy sword Princess Gryphine used was not the Lionheart within two days? ” Amandina asked.

“They should not be able to discredit it. Although that sword is slightly different from the previous Lionheart, the Knight of the Lake was the real deal, and Count Yanbao can prove that.” Brendel sighed and decided not to think about it. Archbishop Wood was still within the Holy Cathedral; plus, the person he is meeting with today will explain the entire situation to him.

“Yanbao?” Amandina looked at her lord with curiosity.

“Hehe, I don’t expect you to know something like this. The first ancestor of the Yanbao Family was King Erik’s guard. Before King Erik died, he ordered the Yanbao Family to guard the Holy Swords. It was an important role which has led them to their current standing. As for the Lionheart Sw

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