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The Oath and the Sword(5)

Amidst the rain, a golden pillar appeared. An unknown voice echoed out to everyone, saying, “Your Majesty, Aouine has not been destroyed yet. And it will never be. The battle flag, too, will always be waving both gloriously and proudly on this piece of land.”

It was the voice of the sword.

Freya watched while the sword in her hands burned with a raging blaze. Meanwhile, another light pillar appeared in the distance. Forst, White Lion Legion’s head of guards, was watching as the battle flag burned and emitted a beam of light into the heavens.

It shot up into the sky, disappearing among the layers of clouds.

Forst was dumbfounded. The White Lion Legion’s centuries-old battle flag had crumbled to ash in front of his eyes.

“Brendel…..” Freya’s voice was faint, she could not believe what had happened, “What is happening? The sword is summoning you…”

Brendel was wordless because he felt it as well.

The sword was summoning him.

But it was not the Lionheart Sword.

He calmed his heart down and looked back to the Knight of Lake who was standing beside Freya. His eyes were burning with an azure light as he stared at Brendel.

“You know what’s happening, right?” Brendel growled, “Grey Knight Krentel!”

The Knight of Lake was right behind Freya. He looked at Brendel and did not say anything.

There was only pain in Krentel’s memories. But in the depths of despair, there were also gleaming images filled with people and incidents that were familiar, yet foreign at the same time.

As if everything was meaningless.


“Krentel, do you vow to protect this sword? If you do, you will never have peace, and your soul will forever wander the land.”

“Your Majesty, we’ve already given up everything for this belief.” A blonde young man answered with a smile.

An old man sighed and looked at him, “Krentel, I’ve separated the sword from the soul and I’ve given one to you and the other to Lucan. You’ll use it to protect the Royal Family, while Lucan will be the next leader of the White Lion Legion. If everything turns out to be as I expect, head to Radner’s region.”

“If there’s someone who can pick up this sword one day, the soul of the Lionheart Sword will definitely acknowledge him. When that time comes, remember our promise.”

“Your Majesty.”

“Krentel, you once asked for the reason I brought the Lionheart Sword out of Kirrlutz,” the old man stopped a while and said, “It wasn’t I who chose the sword, but the Lionheart Sword who chose me.”

“Your Majesty?”

“The Holy Sword Odefeiss inherited the will of the Flame King, but its soul remained within the Lionheart Sword. Its beliefs, its ideals, and everything the people of Aouine had forgotten about...”

“Krentel, always remember that the people of Aouine are the descendants of the Flame King.”


Amidst the rain, another light pillar disappeared as King Erik’s battle flag vanished. However, Brendel fel

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