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Mind Control

Bern had been working in the Hoarfrost Manor for sixteen years now, and he knows that with his position as a hired guard in this place, the nobles that lived here would not trust him that much. So, he lived his life honestly and he was satisfied with the horse stables.

He did not have any major goals and just wanted to sustain himself. And that was not too much to ask for in Ampere Seale. He could rest whenever he liked and would occasionally sip from two cups of whiskey from the mist shrouded farms down the Arreck mountains. Besides, there were professionals who would look after the horses, and there was nothing much for him to do anyways.

Bern’s job was to look after the horse stables and just the stables. Not the horses. After all, it was still the property of a big merchant here.

While drinking today, he heard the approach of the Count’s knights walking in from the backyard. He quickly wiped whiskey wine off his lips, attempting to remove any trace of his drinking. While Ampere Seale may have been a place where good money could be found, there were not too many jobs such as this. So obviously, he would bend down to the knights and be courteous towards them.

However, the knights just ignored him, walking past towards the horses. He silently scolded,These bastards… @#%#^^%$^$

It was then that he heard one of the knights snort in displeasure. He was startled. With his tens of years of experience here, he had developed some kind of awareness and quickly realized that something was off. But before he could react, he could feel the icy metallic feeling of a blade on his neck.

“Wha?” Bern was so shocked his heart stopped momentarily.Is this the end of me?

Body riddled with sweat, he turned around slowly. But the face he saw was not something that a stern knight would possess.If there’s a princess in this world, she would most likely fit this description,he thought.

But Brendel quickly stepped in and stopped Andrea’s foolish act on this honest man.Isn’t she pretty lame? Despite knowing that the guards here are weak beyond comparison, what’s the point in scaring them?

Andrea just looked at Brendel, and then lifted a finger at the human. Bern’s eyes began to blur.

Most of the mages amongst the vampires were masters at mind controlling. And Andrea was one of them. She specialized in curses, but that did not mean that she was bad in mind control. At the least, she could easily control the mind of a Bronze ranker.

But Brendel was displeased. If it was something that could easily be resolved with just a spell, why would she want to play with her prey? He had originally thought that Andrea was, unlike the other vampires, someone who was calm and logical, but never did he expect to see her being just as lame as the others. Surprisingly, it was Morpheus who was the exception. Besides his odd sexual preferences, there was nothing wrong with him. In fact, he was really innocent and cute.


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