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Maynild and her knight pulled out their sword, and no one in the hall still realized yet. Princess Gryphine was in front of Dilferi then, and smiled at her. The latter looked at the most beautiful princess in Aouine and nodded. She could feel the hint of loneliness and sadness behind those eyes. Gryphine and DIlferi’s acknowledgment stirred another wave of whispers. House Yanbao and House Covardo were both ancient families, and since the birth of the Kingdom until now, it was normal for the heirs of both families to know each other.

It was said that there was a secret connecting them both together, and Princess Gryphine’s action seemed to have warranted that rumor today. It alerted the attention of many others, and only Marquis Yoakam was smiling by the side. He raised his glass full of wine, and said, “Viruysatt.” [T/L: Eleven tongue for “Now the show begins”]

But then he heard the movement from the people outside the hall. After greeting Brendel, he stood alone by the window side, and was why he was the first person to hear their motions. He turned, only to see the Royal Cavalry’s activity and his face paled.

Brendel’s POV

Gryphine’s gaze turned towards Brendel, “Seems like House Yanbao will have a chance to reclaim its former glory once more. You’re so lucky, Dilferi. But then again, are you a knight? Why is it that I’ve never seen you before?” Her silver pupils contained a slight bit of admiration and regret, but her tone was mellow and filled with honest blessings.

And everyone there knew why she would phrase it that way.

It would have to take a genius to reach the Gold rank, and an extraordinary one at that to be an Elemental Awakener. The Elemental Awakeners could easily leverage the power of a faction, and House Covardo had always had the most number of Elemental Awakeners. But ever since the separation of the North and South, Princess Gryphine was sure that some of the Dukes may have more military power than her. If not for Buga the Cross, her state would be even worse off.

But in the end Buga the Cross did not serve the throne, and she was clear of that fact. She looked at Brendel and felt jealous and sour,Why can’t the heavens look over House Covardo? Especially a dire time like now? I can sacrifice everything for this Kingdom and my brother, even my soul, and body, but why wouldn’t the heavens help us out?

Dilferi just nodded, and spoke carefully, “That was because the last time my father did not consider hiring a knight for me, so this is the first time you would have met him.”

Brendel looked at Dilferi,Wow, I didn’t expect her to be so good at lying.

“I see,” Gryphine seems to have realized something and looked at Brendel, “I don’t know why… Although I’ve never seen you before, but you give off a familiar feeling… Truly fascinating.”

Brendel could feel tow sharp gazes on himself, and his body tightened. But soon he realized it was Makarov and Grandmaster Fleetwood who had pro

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