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Chapter 197 – The final moment (14)

The dust and smoke slowly receded to a thin layer. Even though there was only silence where Veronica and Brendel were at, it felt even more ominous. The strong Mana had changed the shape of the landscape as a deep gully had been formed by the Wall of Chaos’s destruction.

Mana suddenly surged again, causing Brendel and Veronica’s hearts to skip a beat. Amman’s earlier monologue was to gain time so he could cast the Wall of Chaos. But he was currently nowhere to be found. Perhaps he had used a teleportation spell again during that interval.

“Boy, what exactly is that thing……”

Veronica took in a deep breath. Even at her level, she felt the Mana pulses in the area to be increasingly stifling. What kind of spell was Amman preparing now?

Brendel’s eyes were nearly shut. He could have an endless array of strategies when he had his Planewalker’s abilities and even shrug off Andesha’s Element Power to a certain extent, but he could not but feel like collapsing against the swelling Mana.

“Have you never…… heard of Mavekart’s Grimoire? To think…… that I will see it in this place.” Brendel gnashed his teeth.

“Is it really that cursed book? Why does Amman have it!” Veronica finally recalled that name.

[But the book was rumored to be destroyed in the Twilight War. How could it appear in Amman’s hands?]

Mavekart’s evil grimoire. It was the Disciples of Chaos’s bible, an evil artifact that was created in the Sea of Chaos where evil creatures resided, and was rumored to be a book that devoured everything to gain forbidden powers.

Its power rivaled nearly all divine artifacts.

Brendel watched the black-colored Mana gather into a single spot. It was as if a black hole had appeared in the center of the courtyard, sucking in the wind and fog in a spiraling manner. This phenomenon lasted only for a short while before the dark energy exploded in a circle, and it was followed by a physical shockwave that hurled Brendel and Veronica backward.

Several screams came from the nearby buildings. Scarlett pulled Faena and Sifrid, running away as the Dark Energy shattered the walls into rubble. The fragments were flung into the air, while the girls were knocked down onto the ground from the shockwave that reached them in the next second.

Andesha and Mephisto felt the world shake even though they were in mid-air. Several showers of spark rained across the ground as her claws met his greatsword. The Mana derived from nature was growing increasingly thin and Andesha found that she was nearly unable to maintain her dragon form. Her fury was causing her eyes to become bloodshot, but she finally tore her eyes away from Mephisto to peek at the courtyard.



Both Mephisto and Andesha felt a second pulse of Dark Energy that was no weaker than the previous one.

“Shit, he wants to kill everyone…… This spell is the Shadow Blasting Waves!” Brendel groaned.

It was a magic

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