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“Mother Marsha……” The people around Brendel finally spoke aloud.

It was a primeval Fire Seed that had been sleeping for several millennia. The dim glowing runes emitted a slight warmth, almost as if there was a goddess extending out her hand with a gentle smile, beckoning her children to come closer.

Every one was struck with wonder.

The goddess did not abandon her children. The flaming runes burned silently throughout the ages despite the constant corruption in this area, waiting in the darkness till her children came again to ignite the Fire Seed. It was a lighthouse waiting to shine with a gentle but brilliant power.

Brendel showed a solemn expression as he looked up. The predecessors had protected this place in order to hand it to their successors. After numerous generations, the Fire Seed would ignite the flames of civilization once again.

The honor of lighting it was now converted into inexpressible emotions running through everyone’s veins. A divine mission that every sentient race yearned for; to bring forth the flames of order and light.

Promanthano was the person who lit the first Fire Seed in the dark Wilderness. Civilization took its first step out of its primitive ways and began its unending journey to seek a world of light.

Brendel took a deep breath and looked at the others. Mephisto nodded at him, while Scarlett had a pair of fretful hands on her chest and looked worriedly at the youth. Sifrid was a little bewildered at everyone’s reactions.

The person who was going to follow Promanthano’s footsteps to bring light and order was Brendel.

“Then I’m going off to bring light to this forest,” Brendel said.

“Go.” Mephisto had an earnest expression when he looked at the platform that housed the Fire Seed.

The youth turned around and started to ascend the platform that led to the Fire Seed. With every single step that he took, the Fire Seed became brighter, and particles of light seemed to materialize on Brendel.

Mephisto’s eyes widened when he saw robes forming on Brendel’s shoulders.

“This is the scene in the Kirrlutz’s Poem of Skies…… Child, I grant you the wings made from light, and thus, I shall anoint you as king.”

Even though his mind thought that it was nonsense made up by zealots, Mephisto felt his heart pounding in acknowledgment.

Mother Marsha was going to appear and place a crown on the youth’s head with her own hands.

The light emitting from the Fire Seed was almost blinding when Brendel stood before it within arm’s reach. He stretched out his hand to touch the crystal with a deep frown and spoke with a weary sigh:

“Mother Marsha, after thousands of years, your children have come before you—”

Brendel suddenly withdrew his hand and nearly stumbled down the steps. Something warm had touched his hand gently. A voice responded in his ears in an ancient language:

“Indeed, it has been a very long time. My child, this journey must have been impossibly diff

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