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Chapter 213 – Preparation for War (2)

The situation of the Druids surprised Brendel considerably. The Green Tower had more than a thousand people in it, and the evacuated Druid apprentices and young Tree Elves that trickled in after receiving the news of victory added even more numbers. The survivors in this world exceeded the game by four times.

Brendel thought he had to witness far more sacrifices since there were no players defending the Green Tower, but it seemed like the several thousands of players did not do as anything close to what the two Archmagi from the Silver Alliance did.

William and Tulman made the city’s defenses impossible to breach.

The Druids received Brendel and his men with the highest possible reception. Even though the city was in dire need of various important repairs, there were over a hundred high-ranking Druids who took out precious Mana from their reserves to create a road of fresh flowers that was over ten miles. When Brendel finally reached the Green Tower, nearly all the entire city’s residents were waiting at the entrance.

The youths were fidgeting because Brendel made a joke about how the pretty female Elves might present a kiss to them, and there were a few young nobles who pricked up their ears along with gleaming eyes.

Of course, the kissing scenes did not happen. The young Elven girls were conservative and reserved, hiding behind the trees and looking curiously at the heroes from a different race.

But even though there were no kissing, every one of them was garlanded with flowers, with Brendel receiving two wreaths. Unfortunately, the latter was too busy greeting the Druid Elder Quinn to look at the two Elven girls who placed the wreaths on his head.

The Tree Elf Druid walked up to Brendel to give a hug, then patted the youth’s two shoulders. This act was the highest formality given to a comrade amongst hunters. Quinn recognized Brendel as a friend who was worth laying down his life for.

“A’aton mess talar (May the forest and you stay evergreen, my friend.” Quinn took a step back and spoke in his native tongue.

“A’aton os dar X’dor mun (The bowstring sings in the evergreen forest.”

A fragment of surprise streaked across Quinn’s face. The Tree Elves’ language was completely different from the prevalent Wind Elves. He did not expect his human friend to understand it, and he was planning to explain the meaning afterward, but Brendel understood it and even answered with a perfect greeting of his own.

The Elder Druids behind Quinn were also surprised. It was unthinkable that a human would know so much about their habits and customs, not knowing of his ‘past’ where he had stayed in many places and learned about such customs.

Quinn showed a warm smile: “You did not let us down, and we will not go back on our oaths. You are now the Lord of this land.”

He raised both hands, presenting a white acorn.

“This is the White Holy Oak Tree’s seed? You’re giving thi

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