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– The sword that resists fate (2)

Freya took a deep breath and walked up to the tournament stage.

The 10×10 meters stage made out of rock was specially crafted for the tournament. It was one and a half meters high, and surrendering or getting knocked out from it meant defeat. Freya had won two rounds earlier, but the opponents she faced later were becoming stronger and she was uncertain if she had the confidence to continue winning.

The young girl felt a little upset at herself. Brendel sent her to this place so that she could become stronger and protect everyone who survived Bucce’s ordeal. But she could hardly claim that she was capable of doing so, and her original confidence was slowly worn down when she compared herself to the monstrous talents in this academy.

She raised her longsword.

Her current opponent was a senior academy student. Maynild was at the sideline watching the tournament as usual, but she frowned when she saw Freya’s condition.

“You cannot achieve victory when your heart isn’t focused.” The senior upperclassman also saw the same thing and could not help but remind Freya.

The girl jolted and immediately concentrated, but when she looked at her opponent, her dream and the reality in front of her overlapped. The red soil in her dreams extended endlessly below her feet, and her opponent was once again that knight covered in wildfire.

She shook her head in a panic, trying to get rid of that illusion, but her opponent had pulled out his longsword and rushed at her. The girl was startled as she remembered that moment where she was stabbed— At that moment, she had completely forgotten about swordsmanship and retreated subconsciously to avoid the enemy’s sword.

A burst of laughter immediately came from the surrounding audience. There were students from the academy joining in the nobles as they had never seen someone fleeing from the tournament stage like a frightened rat.

“Freya, what are you doing!” Maynild could not suppress herself and bellow with furrowed brows.

But a ray of light suddenly burst forth from Freya’s forehead and a pair of wings extended from her back. There was a metallic ring as something knocked away her opponent’s longsword into the air.

“What’s that!”

Several high-ranking nobles next to the princess stood up. Though they were laughing earlier, their eyes were still glued onto the girl. A buzzing sound could be heard, almost like there was a resonance from far away. A ray of light pierced through the sky from outside the academy.

“That light is in the direction of River Pine!” Someone from the nobles recognized where it was.

But before he finished his words, that ray of light suddenly seemed to bend and moved towards the academy.

“Th…… This is……”

That ray of light crashed into the tournament stage under everyone’s stares, landing right in front of Freya. The glowing light disappeared and revealed a longsword embedded into the ground. At that m

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