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Raging Torrent(4)

Dallit’s POV

It was six in the morning.

At the Black Blade Squad’s camp-

A magical alarm filled the whole campsite with distress. Knights clad in black rushed out of the rest area and headed straight for their mounts.

Rows of dragons started to spread their wings.

Viscount Kuztal Bolleman lowered his binoculars and gazed at the southern sky which was black with countless raptors shuttled between clouds and lightning. It was a scene of devastation.

“It’s the druids.”

“The southerners are at the end of their stick.”

He was silent. He flipped his saddle, then held his five-meter long dragon gun with one hand, while raising his left hand high in the air. A voice exploded from within the camp like roaring seas and waves.

“Black Blade Squad, Dragon Knight Platoon One - “

“Roll out!”

The beasts flew up into the air one by one, their outstretched wings covered the skies. The ground troops watched the knights lift off as the huge formation was launched in just a blink of the eye.

“Dallit, make sure you do not make any mistakes at the critical moment!” The ground staff yelled.

“Oh, fuck you!” The knight in the skies laughed and lifted his head. Ahead, thunder and lightning created a golden-red atmosphere under the rain clouds, and tens of thousands of raptors rushed towards them.

“It’s the Arrow Eagles!”

“-Look out! They’re speeding up!”

Someone from above shouted.

“Everybody, get into battle formation!” A serious voice commanded through the Magic Crystal.


“Estimated time of collision: thirty seconds.”

“Twenty seconds.”

Dallit lifted up his head, his eyes were filled with flaming war passion.

The Black Blade Squad had been on standby for a long time, and it was at this moment, everyone felt that their blood was boiling.

Viscount Kuztal Bolleman raised his gun firmly, silently counting the seconds.

“Ten seconds.”

“Eight seconds.”

“Two seconds.”

“Attack! “

“For Aouine!” In a moment, the skies of Ampere Seale seemed to be ignited by ear-splitting shrieks.

The gigantic black dragons and countless raptors collided. At that moment, blood rained from the sky, the open wings were like blades, cutting through the storm, and the birds’ bodies fell from the sky like raindrops.

But the dragon knights faced a fierce resistance. Their formation was shattered in an instant. Warnings, roars and the cacophony of slaughter and screams mixed together, filling the air with horrifying sounds across the battlefield. The knight in front got thrown off the saddle as his dragon cried and fell after him.

Dragons fell, crashing into the soil like black meteors, silent and still.

The flames of war continued to spread and burn.

Brendel’s POV

The buzzing noises from discussions in the hall seemed to be quiet for a moment, the solemn Rokshbe Hall was left with dead silence. It was as if time froze.

“Ciel, is tha

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