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Sneaking Into The Manor

The guard in the cage was scared shitless. He thought he was captured by some evil mages that came out of nowhere, and with the barrage of questions by Brendel and the others, he panicked and spilled the beans completely. There were more than thirty guards in the manor, and if you included the other occupants of the manor, there would be around one hundred people. However, it was uncertain if Lord Yanbao came himself as the orders were passed on to Brendel by three knights.

Brendel predicted the capabilities of the three knights to be at the Gold rank, and he raised his eyebrows slightly,It’s not hard to deal with three Gold rankers. But I’m unsure about their specialties, and that becomes an uncertainty to whether or not we can sneak in quietly.

Brendel was more concerned about the Dark Witchcraft displayed by Romaine just now. When he interrogated her just now, her pupils were jumping around as she kept on saying “Big sister taught me!” But as to who the big sister was, it was unclear.

She held up the cage and explained its usage. The cage was capable of trapping anyone within the user’s range of sight. As long as the victim’s Willpower is low, the target will be captured. And it was not just limited to one target, but could capture up to ten people at once.

Brendel understood immediately. Basically, it was an illusion. As long as the victim believes in it, it will become a reality for him. As long as his subconscious believes in the existence of the lie, the spell would work.

Even so, the spell was not omnipotent. It should be enough to deal with enemies at the Iron rank, but against people more powerful than that it would be difficult.

To charm someone, to trick someone into believing the void in their heart. That is the true essence of Dark Witchcraft.

Romaine covered the cage with a black cloth, shutting away the captive’s perception of the outside world. Everyone could not help but feel amazed at her Witchcraft. Even Ciel gave her words of praise. Wizards were capable of doing things normal people were incapable of, like turning a bridge into a wall, or melting a steel beam with high temperatures. But they were only manipulating the laws of Vaunte, and they cannot break those rules. They could not turn fireballs into ice, and vice versa. However, Witches were capable of doing that and were therefore more ‘mystical’ than them.

That was one of the reasons why witches were rejected by the populace. Their spells were unpredictable and there were some people who thought they had a relationship with the Twilight Dragon, which Brendel knew was not true. But in any case, Dark Witchcraft by itself was nothing upright.

He growled, “It seems like we have to visit Aunt Jenny quickly and try to figure out just what is going on with your body. But just where is she? Oh ya! Romaine, aren’t you worried about your aunt?”

Romaine widened her eyes, her pupils shone, “She would normally come

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