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Chapter 195 – The final moment (13)

Brendel turned his head back in alert at Scarlett’s warning, and he immediately saw a beam of Dark Energy shooting at his face. The youth did not have the time to think, but his experienced mind reacted subconsciously and his body lurched forward towards the ground. However, the beam streaked across his back and dealt a glancing blow.

“Fuck!” A blast of pain spread across his body and he cursed loudly.

[That direction could only mean that it’s Amman. I slashed him hard enough to reach his bones. He got impaled by Veronica next, and I even struck him with the Arrow of Stone, and he still lives?]

“Damn it, is that bastard an undying cockroach?” The youth muttered as he scrambled to get up. A bishop was a light-armored profession. Getting struck by three fatal attacks should have killed him, even if he was an undead.

He looked back again.

Amman was getting up as well, with dust and rubble from the Andesha’s battle with the others falling off his body. The bishop’s face had a surprised look as well. He probably did not expect Brendel to avoid his attack.

“How?” He mumbled to himself before he spoke aloud: “Even the knights in the Holy Cathedral are not capable of matching your reactions. It seems like you’re not just a simple noble from Aouine.”

Amman even projected his voice over to Brendel by magic, afraid that the latter could not hear him because of the considerable distance.

Brendel rolled his eyes. If he were really a simple noble, would he appear in this place? He quickly brought up the Stats Window and looked at the Life Bar. It did not reach ten percent of his HP bar.

[Hmm. But the Vitality stats is an unhealthy yellow from feeding too much blood to the plants. My limbs feel weak and the fatigue is slowing setting in my body. I really feel like dropping onto the ground to sleep. I need to end this quickly.]

He shook his head vigorously, trying to keep himself awake.

Mephisto was fighting with Andesha in mid-air. The latter wanted to flee the area urgently, while the former was waiting patiently to find a weak spot, making the battle at an impasse.

Veronica had heard Scarlett’s cry and was rushing over to the youth.

[The disruption towards the Mana from the surroundings will increase as the corrupted plants continue to grow. Andesha knows that she’s at a disadvantage as time passes by and will definitely seek an opportunity to break this stalemate. The Tree Shepherds are a bunch of fanatics who will do desperate things if push comes to shove, so the conclusion of Mephisto versus Andesha will be here soon enough. As for Amman…..]

Brendel’s mind was working quickly. The bishop had most like predicted that he could not get away despite using a teleportation spell and therefore feigned death. The youth believed that even Andesha fell for Amman’s trick.

[Still, he chose to ‘revive’ himself at this moment. Did he do so because he saw that Andesha w

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