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Brendel passed through a warehouse, barracks, and heavily fortified War Room. The passageway had led to various defensive sections.

It was an underground fortress that was even more prepared than any of the Kirrlutz Empire’s castles. Even Dwarven or Elven cities could not compare to this final bulwark built against the Twilight Dragon.

Every inch of the walls was fortified with runes and magic crystals. Pillars in the shape of ancient creatures that were built from precious materials held the ceiling up, and the Crystal Circuits on the ground seemed like modern cables supplying electricity to the various areas.

The tiles over the ground in the various chambers, which was polished till it resembled marble, was remarkably free of dust.

When Brendel lit up the area with his magic, he could not help but tremble. This place was all too familiar in its architecture.

His fingers shook as he sat down on one of the chairs and lit the Light Crystal that was embedded on the round table in the War Room.

The first moment he laid eyes on the chair in front of him, he went over to sit on it as though he was hypnotized. He was so exhausted that he went over in a daze. When he sat in the chair, he recalled the surroundings of a similar ancient War Room shortly before he was transported to this world.

“Hey bro, you’re a warrior? We’re lacking a vanguard for the upcoming fight against Madara’s forces.” A youthful voice echoed in Brendel’s ears.

“Sure thing.” Brendel’s smile was dazzling as he muttered under his breath: “Name’s S—”

The youth suddenly stopped himself from uttering the name.

This world was not his home.

This world resembled the game of his past world to a remarkable extent, but even then the game was just a game. He was just connecting to the latter from his home. His past world was a place where he had fun and was free from worries, though there were strong regrets that he wanted to change.

[…… Ah. I see.]

The emotions and stress from the near deaths and excitement were getting to him. For one moment, he wanted to be free from all the responsibilities in this world and simply go back to his former self who simply enjoyed the game.

[I…… am homesick.]

He had been working towards getting Valhalla almost from the time he came to this world. Many people looked up to him in gratitude as he went around Aouine and saved them in the process, but even more looked at him like they wanted nothing more than to tear him apart. There was no one he could truly confide to, and it was simply because he did not belong to this world.

“Boy, I want you to be honest. Are you really a citizen of Aouine?”

Orthlyss suddenly asked.

“What?” Brendel suddenly broke out of his stupor. “What do you mean?”

[This is bad. Did I give away myself? No, how is it possible that she knows that I came from another world? I don’t think I revealed that much.]

“Just look at the others’ reactions,” Orthlyss could n

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