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Chapter 212 – Preparation for war (1)

“Hmm?” Brendel froze for a moment after walking out of the Loop of Trade Winds.

“What’s wrong?” Veronica eyed him and asked.

“Nothing,” Brendel shook his head.

He felt that the connection with his summons restored the moment he exited the Wall of Clouds. Medissa and Ciel reached out to him almost instantaneously once they felt the connection and they reported Firburh’s situation to him.

Count Randner’s army had finished gathering in the Palas region, and it was not even a day before they started moving towards Firburh, which was before the harsh winter was even over.

It was a little faster than what Brendel had anticipated.

“Medissa, help me to praise little Romaine for catching the enemy’s movements. Ciel, get the Druids stationed in our territory to fortify our defenses along River Gris. If the battle starts, keep me informed of the situation.” Brendel said.

Firburh had been preparing for this battle for several months. It would be ridiculous if they could not hold out for several weeks.

[This communication system via the Planeswalker is just too good. I can actually direct a long-distance battle. Sure, there are magic artifacts that achieve the same results, but it’s a low-level fight happening in Aouine, not some important fight between the Kirrlutz Empire and another kingdom. Neither Count Randner or me can afford to pay out the device or Mana Crystals to make it function— Huh?]

He suddenly sensed a weak cry in his mind, one that should not exist.


Brendel saw an image of a ‘boy who cannot be this cute until he looks like a girl’ in his mind. His black attire was in tatters and he was covered in blood. There was even a naked shoulder revealed as he laid sprawled across broken rocks as though he was unconscious. Indeed, he was unconscious after climbing for several hours towards where Andesha had fought Brendel and him earlier.

It was only when he detected Brendel’s telepathic link that he fluttered his eyes and woke up. Perhaps it was the special relationship between a Planeswalker and a Summon—

“My Lord, you finally found me, I have been searching for you for a long time.” The ‘girl’ showed an expression like he was dreaming. His pale, calm face was spotty with blood, but it still glowed with radiance.

[I see. Morpheus didn’t enter the Graveyard after he was knocked down the valley. Looks like there are two things that interfered with the communication system. Andesha, as well as the ruins in Valhalla. Well, it’s not surprising that Morpheus survived after so many sacrifices were made to boost his level. Hmm. How long has it been? A day? Maybe he was unconscious because I didn’t feed my blood to him.]

Brendel was relieved to see that the Vampire Trap was still alive. The latter was still a Gold-ranker, and he could be boosted to higher levels to enhance the usage of his Element Power. It was a sizable unit for his army.


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