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Brendel did not reveal his second and third plan. Those words were not meant to be spoken in front of the Royal Faction. He knew from the start that the fates of the Royal Faction and Princess Gryphine were different. As he turned to leave, he felt that the entire country was shaking, its foundations destroyed by the greedy and deluded nobles. Even though the Royal Faction was composed of the brightest talents, the minds of Makarov, Fleetwood and Oberwei were restricted by their traditional mindset. In other words, they were afraid of change.

The situation was similar to the original history, only by compromising was victory possible. The Royal Faction had a good chance of turning the tables. However, this was not exactly good news for the princess. Brendel had seen her true desire, which unfortunately was one that could not be granted by the nobles of Aouine.

In Brendel’s eyes, the only way was to raze everything to the ground, only then can new life prosper.If those nobles won’t do it, then I will.

Brendel knew that there was no need to repeat his words, and he felt that these people were not worth saving. Freya and him then arrived at Rokshbe Hall.

“Sue!” Freya cried out with glee.

A young lady with almond skin and braided hair stood outside the palace, wearing expensive-looking clothing and a smile on her face. “Miss Freya, you’ve grown taller,” she replied warmly.

“Sue, I need you to deliver this letter to the Naga tribe.” Brendel took out a letter and handed it to Sue. He knew that he could rely on Sue to complete the task successfully.

“Naga?” Freya turned around, her expression one of shock. “ Brendel, I heard that the Naga tribes are pirates that roam the Shining Sea. So you are acquainted with them as well?”

Brendel let out a hearty laugh. “I know all kinds of people, but I’m afraid you wouldn’t know half of them.”

“Hmph, damn noble.” Freya said through gritted teeth.

Sue looked at the both of them, shaking her head in mild exasperation. She stashed the letter away safely. As a lowly bartender’s daughter, she did not care about the country’s future. However, while she was apathetic to the situation, the same could not be said for Freya. Freya raised her head and asked, “Brendel, what is your plan now?”

“I’ve done all that I could. Now I plan to return to Trentheim. Once the princess has allied with Arreck---”

He felt Freya’s suspicious gaze land on him, prompting him to halt his tongue.Am I really that untrustworthy?A bead of sweat trickled down his forehead.

“The truth, Brendel,” Freya said sternly. She knew that he and Romaine were the same type of liars, so she knew he would not let the truth out so easily.

Brendel had the strength to accomplish whatever he wanted to, and he had the determination to see it through. Freya knew all that, and that was probably the reason why he held an irreplaceable place in her heart. Furthermore, she also didn’t want the princess to ally with A

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